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Join the Movement for Mental Wellness and Well-being Resilience in Israel!

In the past three years, the Mental Wellness Society has grown to over 11,000 members across 73 countries, all dedicated to volunteering their expertise in Advancing Mental Wellness for the joy of living fully. Our global community has stood together, offering support during the challenges of the COVID era and extending a helping hand to First Responders and Healthcare professionals worldwide.

In times of crisis, we’ve mobilized quickly. When the war in Ukraine unfolded, our task force provided assistance and trained psychologists to prevent trauma, both for themselves and the populations they served. Now, faced with the ongoing tragic events, we’ve launched the MWS Task Force “Mental Wellness and Well-being Resilience in Israel.”

Join us in this critical mission – helping others during times of war is a powerful way to survive and thrive. Our Positive Psychology approach, even in the midst of horrifying circumstances, is uniquely holistic. We’re committed to fortifying the psychological well-being of individuals across Israel, and our international team of professionals is ready to work tirelessly.

By becoming a part of our community, you contribute to creating a resilient and supportive environment, providing comprehensive training for those aiding others. Our volunteers, passionate and relentless, offer their help for free, sharing knowledge through educational programs, outreach initiatives, and strategic partnerships. We provide daily updated free multilingual online resources, including guidelines, videos, webinars, and onsite training.

As the demand for our services rapidly grows, we need your goodwill, skills, and expertise to recruit others and mobilize support. Help us reach as many individuals and organizations as possible, offering valuable guidelines and information in multiple languages. Together, let’s open mini-centers equipped with cutting-edge Resonance Therapeutics devices to reduce stress, anxiety, and facilitate sleep in the midst of unrest.

Your involvement is crucial in supporting anxious pregnant women, wives, mothers, families of soldiers, traumatized survivors, children, and those with mental pre-conditions. By joining us, you contribute to showcasing how Israel can lead in using technological assistance to repair damages caused by unprecedented psychological warfare.

Your presence at our side is instrumental in the resilience and survival of our nation. Volunteer to join us today, and let’s make a positive impact on mental wellness in Israel and beyond!


Here’s how you can help:


  • Translate Crisis Guidelines into any language of your choice.
  • Facilitate Crisis Helplines in your preferred language.
  • Assist or teach Crisis Training Support in any language you’re comfortable with.


  • Guide Crisis Training for Support Volunteers.
  • Participate as a presenter or attendee in Workshops, Seminars, and Trainings.
  • Help organize our online programming.


  • Share, facilitate, and broadcast resources on our website, including videos, guidelines, books, lists of links, and information on specialized supporting organizations worldwide, all in your chosen language.
  • Provide advice for identifying partnering organizations, assisting volunteers, encouraging donations, and finding relevant information to share.


  • Encourage donations.
  • Connect with sponsors willing to provide essential equipment, telecommunication, and electronic support.
  • Solicit guidelines, books, videos, and valuable information from other organizations and worldwide experts for our multimedia online library.


  • Recruit volunteers and gather useful content for our online library.
  • Support in recruiting providers and users globally, across all languages.

Researching and Writing Articles:

  • Research scientific databases for relevant information to strengthen our online free library.
  • Write guidelines and pertinent information for our users or providers.

Media and Communications:

  • Craft press releases and public relations materials to raise awareness about our humanitarian efforts.
  • Reach out to media and news outlets to highlight our initiatives.
  • Actively engage on social media to post and share valuable content and updates.
  • Design posters and visuals.
  • Create marketing campaigns for more global visibility.
  • Craft campaigns for soliciting online donations.


  • Bring 200-gram handheld calming frequency therapeutic devices from the US to Israel (we’ll cover any extra shipping costs if needed).

How can you help?

Scroll down and consider the following opportunities for assistance carefully. We have grouped the tasks into different categories. Please select the task(s) that aligns best with your expertise and interests:
*multiple choice is welcome

Please select the category/industry that best represents your area of expertise from the options provided below.


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