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The Gate of Trust – Sha’ar HaBitachon

Duties of the Heart by Rabeinu Bahya is a classic mussar work. The fourth section is presented in this book, The Gate of Trust (Shaar HaBitachon). It explains the great benefits of having complete trust in the One G-d, and this is universal. We are recommending this translation by Rabbi Sebag for all Jews, and […]

Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge – for All Gentiles

About this Book Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge is the guide to spiritual growth and peace as a Righteous Gentile. It outlines the objective moral foundation for a closer personal relationship with our Creator. Its insights from classic texts (Hebrew Bible, Talmud, Midrash, Mishneh Torah, and Chassidic insights) provide enlightenment about the direct path to […]

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