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ResWell Multi-National Resilience & Wellbeing Research Collaboration
“Together we catalyze change by turning visionary ideasinto implementable actions”

VUCAH-Syndemics Working Group
Vision Statement:

  • Empowering Individuals in a Dynamic World of Wholistic Well-being

  • We envision a world where individuals thrive amidst the challenges of a VUCAH (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity, and Hyper-connectivity) landscape.

  • The ResWell – Resilience and Well-being working group is dedicated to pioneering innovative approaches that foster wholistic synergies between meta-cognition, iconic communication, and resonance therapeutics.

  • Our common vision is to lead the way in alleviating together anxiety, obsession, panic, burnout, and stress, all of which are exacerbated by syndemic factors.

  • By embracing cutting-edge techniques and collaboration, we aim to empower individuals to navigate their lives with resilience, awareness, authenticity, and lasting well-being.

VUCAH-Syndemics Working Group
Mission Statement:

Cultivating Synergistic Transformation for Lasting Resilience and Well-being.

The mission of the ResWell working group is to revolutionize the approach to resilience and well-being in the face of syndemic challenges within a VUCAH world. Our interdisciplinary team of experts, united by a passion for positive change, is committed to:

  • Research and Innovation
  • Collaborative Partnerships
  • Education with Empowerment
  • Inclusivity and Accessibility
  • Ethical and Sustainable Solutions
  • Impact and Advocacy
  • Positive Parenting Communication

Through our relentless global pursuit of knowledge, innovation, and collaboration, this ResWell VUCAH-Syndemics working group is dedicated to catalyzing transformative change in the lives of individuals, fostering resilience, and nurturing enduring well-being in an ever-evolving world.

December 13, 2023

Replay: Reswell-VUCAH Working Group - Kick-off Meeting

The Reswell-VUCAH Working Group held its inaugural meeting on Wednesday, December 13, 2023. The meeting saw a diverse group of members, each of whom introduced themselves and shared their hopes and visions for the group. A key part of the meeting involved agreeing on the logo, vision, mission, and goals of the group. The meeting also featured presentations by Mia Buzariashvili on the psychological and physiological effects of each VUCAH component and by Salome Dumbadze about her Ph.D. and Georgian VUCAH Group. The meeting ended with discussions about monitoring the VUCAH crisis situation in Israel and proposing new VUCAH research projects, setting the stage for future collaboration and innovation in the field.

January 25, 2024

Replay: Reswell-VUCAH Working Group -Monthly Meeting

The RESWELL VUCAH WORKING GROUP monthly meeting started at 8:00 PM Israel time, as a reminder that it would always be on the fourth Thursday of each month. The meeting started with a warm welcome to all attendees, followed by introductions from new participants.

The focus shifted to the significant disruption VUCAH has caused to all economic models, necessitating the creation of a new model. The group intended to collaborate with economists and welcomed suggestions for potential candidates. New proposed projects were also discussed, such as surveying all Resilience Testing instruments.

Manana reported on “The language of Resilience,” sparking a ten-minute Q&A session.

The meeting wrapped up with an open floor for 12 minutes, allowing members to share their thoughts freely. Closing remarks were made at 9:00 PM, marking the end of a productive and engaging meeting.


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