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Peak Performance
(Body & Mind)

Your body is a highly complex machine and you are in control – or should be. How you manage your body, how you take care of it, and how well you know it will determine how well and how long you survive. Peak Performance draws from the fields of kinetics, biomechanics and physiology. The authors present a highly systematic approach to life that will bring you to a much higher level of comfort, satisfaction and accomplishment. You’ll actually experience a sense of exhilaration as you learn to eat walk and breathe in ways that can avoid negative environmental impact.

Crossing Back Over: The Practice of Owning and Accepting Bipolar Disorder

Brett’s most recent manic episode has derailed him from life as the director of operations at a prominent software start-up in Texas. He is now at home, fully dependent on his mother, and officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Brett is terrified. He has no guarantees on his long-term health, no understanding of how his medication works and is still dealing with hell-like anxiety, restlessness, mania, and depression.


Crossing Back Over: The Practice of Owning and Accepting Bipolar Disorder details Brett’s battle with taming the beast that is bipolar. Written in the same style as part 1 of his story, Crossover: A Look inside a Manic Mind, Crossing Back Over sheds light on what true recovery looks and feels like from a firsthand account.


No matter the environment, recovering from a serious event takes hard work, discipline, patience, and acceptance. Crossing Back Over allows the reader to peek behind the curtain of an individual determined to find a happy life, even with his chronic brain disorder. This book is valuable for anyone who is facing a deeply personal challenge.


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