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Peak Performance (Body & Mind)

Your body is a highly complex machine and you are in control – or should be. How you manage your body, how you take care of it, and how well you know it will determine how well and how long you survive. Peak Performance draws from the fields of kinetics, biomechanics and physiology. The authors present a highly systematic approach to life that will bring you to a much higher level of comfort, satisfaction and accomplishment. You’ll actually experience a sense of exhilaration as you learn to eat walk and breathe in ways that can avoid negative environmental impact.

The Power of Reinvention: Personal Stories of How Our Greatest Challenges Become The Catalyst to Reinvent Our Life!

Have you ever wondered who you are? The real you?

Sometimes in life, we are faced with crazy circumstances that make us ask that question: Who am I, really? Not the person your parents wanted you to be, or society told you to be? Not the diagnosis that they labelled you with? Not the derogatory name your ex called you? The real, breathtaking you!

Taking a look at who you REALLY are, you get to reinvent yourself and reclaim the narrative of your life.

As you look for the answer to that question, you may decide to turn your life around in ways you didn’t imagine possible.

  • Will you start that business you’ve always dreamed of?
  • Will you finally get your health back?
  • Will you find that special someone who complements you?
  • Or will you perhaps finally get your finances under control?

It is amazing what you can create by asking this simple question.

In this uplifting book, nine courageous people tell THEIR story of reinvention.

They share the events that forced them to ask the question: “Who am I, really?” and how the answer to that question changed their lives.

Are you ready to share in these remarkable reinventions and kick-start your own?


Cultivating Healthy Organisations

Eric Lynn

The focus of this book is Change. It is also Organisation and Society Health. These two notions are so intricately intertwined that they are inseparable in the context of living communities.


Change is possibly the most broadly misunderstood concept in society at large, and particularly in organisational life.


Misunderstandings about the nature of change frequently lead to corporate and organisational initiatives that not only fail to meet their intentions, they may well actually cause more harm than good. If you are a leader in any kind of organisation, I imagine this is something you would like to change. … You can.


  • What do you understand by “Change”?
  • Why are Change … and … Organisation and Society Health inseparable?
  • Do you ever feel that there’s “something”, undefinable, missing in the life of your organisation?
  • Which illusions pervade our life, leading us into the same traps over and over again … and what is their origin?
  • Why do we need to look beyond management literature to understand organisation change?
  • How can we work with Organisation Health as a holistic phenomenon?
  • How can we Cultivate Healthy Thriving Organisations?


If these Questions appeal to you, do feel free to step into the dynamic of life, while … Dancing with Change …


Nature’s patterns determine that we ought to be thriving. We’re not. We can change this. There is no better time than now.

“Among the handful of very best books I’ve ever read on ‘change.’  Eric Lynn’s writing speaks to the nature of change and to the imperatives of nature itself in organizational life – rare among organizational theorists and so-called change practitioners. Aphoristic, wry, and wise, each page rings true, a book to be read and re-read.  Ponder it and smile.  Magnificent.”
(Martin D. Goldberg, Management Consultant & Teacher, Distant Drummer LLC & Pepperdine University)


Unleash the Tiger! For Organizational High Performance

By Dr. Simmie A. Adams

In today’s dynamic business world, organizations must adapt, overcome, and improvise to meet quickly and efficiently the pressures and demands of a modern environment. As James Duderstadt summarized, “We face a future in which permanence and stability become less important than flexibility and creativity, in which one of the few certainties will be the presence of continual change.” Organizations must rely on the knowledge, skills, and experience of a wide range of people to solve multifaceted problems, make good decisions, and deliver effective solutions to achieve successfully their strategic vision. The current environment is one of shrinking revenues and increased costs and expenditures, a heightened need exists for value added efforts focused on increasing organizational performance and subsequently increasing business profits. The road to increased organization profits is built on an organizational foundation supporting, reinforcing, and even demanding improved performance. The question to answer is “What does an organization have to do to have its name analogous with high performance?” One can easily observe how organizational high performance is crucial just by watching the real life drama of organization and team performance in combat operations within Afghanistan or Iraq.

Unleash the Tiger! For Organizational High Performance

Crossing Back Over: The Practice of Owning and Accepting Bipolar Disorder

By Brett Stevens

Brett’s most recent manic episode has derailed him from life as the director of operations at a prominent software start-up in Texas. He is now at home, fully dependent on his mother, and officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Brett is terrified. He has no guarantees on his long-term health, no understanding of how his medication works and is still dealing with hell-like anxiety, restlessness, mania, and depression.


Crossing Back Over: The Practice of Owning and Accepting Bipolar Disorder details Brett’s battle with taming the beast that is bipolar. Written in the same style as part 1 of his story, Crossover: A Look inside a Manic Mind, Crossing Back Over sheds light on what true recovery looks and feels like from a firsthand account.


No matter the environment, recovering from a serious event takes hard work, discipline, patience, and acceptance. Crossing Back Over allows the reader to peek behind the curtain of an individual determined to find a happy life, even with his chronic brain disorder. This book is valuable for anyone who is facing a deeply personal challenge.


Organizational Emotional Intelligence Predicting Performance:

Organizational Emotional Intelligence as a Predictor of Organizational Performance within the Real Estate Industry

By Dr. Simmie A. Adams

This quantitative research study’s focus was to determine if organizational emotional intelligence (OEI) was a valid predictor of organizational performance (OP) in the real estate industry. It built upon the organizational emotional intelligence research but with an organizational performance perspective. An organization’s holistic capabilities as opposed to the individual’s positional knowledge, skills, and abilities are the true strength of how a high performance company maintains their edge over their competitors. Bradberry and Greaves’ Emotional Intelligence Appraisal (EIA), the researcher-designed Subjective Organizational Performance Assessment (SOPA) and SOPA-X, with Dubois and Rothwell’s Developing the High Performance Workplace (DHPW) were utilized to assess Northern Virginia Real Estate organizations. The statistical analysis of the data (n = 210) explored the correlation between OEI and OP; between the OP assessment tools; and between OEI and years in the real estate industry, gender, age, and level of education. At the end of the statistical process, the researcher concluded OEI was a valid predictor to OP at a 0.05 significance level.

Ten Strategies to Unleashing the Tiger

By Dr. Simmie A. Adams

It is amazing to me how many people start the game of business without first developing the necessary knowledge to be successful. Second, they do not set goals or develop a plan to achieve the goals. Then, they blame the market, the economy, their location, or make a multitude of other excuses for why they did not achieving the level of success they had expected. Remember, if you never quit, you can never fail! I am a huge advocate of education and coaching. I invite you to learn and master the steps outlined in my book. Then, because I both understand the issues, situations, and challenges inhibiting your success and will partner with you to aid you in achieving your goals, email me. Watch the quality of you business life take new shape. Together, Unleashing the Tiger!™ in your business is truly possible!

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