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The Global Institute for Resilience Advancement

In the ever-evolving landscape of our VUCAH World (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity, and Hyper-connectivity), where challenges loom large and conventional models crumble, a bold shift has occurred. The once-revered mantra of “think global and apply local” has given way to the demanding perspective of “Innovate Globally, Integrate Locally.” The urgency for change and adaptation is palpable as we navigate through volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, and health crises.

In response to this paradigm shift, we present a transformative and comprehensive approach to tackling global challenges. Our vision underscores the intricate links between psychological, biological, and societal facets, recognizing the need for a holistic strategy to adapt and thrive in this changing world. The call is clear—to mend the global machine, we must transcend the traditional “think global, act local” mindset and embrace creative thinking.

Enter The Global Institute for Resilience Advancement (GIRA), a beacon of collaboration uniting experts from psychology, biology, sociology, education, science, and technology. Together, they wield a multidisciplinary global toolbox, working synergistically under the motto “Together We Adapt Faster!” Joining forces with The Mental Wellness Society International (MWS), The Global Resilience Foundation (GRF), and the transnational ResWell-VUCAH Collaborative Scholarly Research, our acumen collective strength becomes unparalleled.

With 17,000 professional members strong, in 74 countries The Mental Wellness Society International forms a cornerstone of our premier team. Teaming up with the expertise of GRF and the collaborative research efforts of ResWell-VUCAH, we stand poised to revolutionize global problem-solving. Our commitment is unwavering—to brainstorm tirelessly and instantly implement innovative, sustainable solutions. The focus is not just on repairing the global machine but fostering a symbiotic relationship between local and global efforts for the benefit of individuals as well as organizations.

In this collective effort, we aim to mend the global machine, one adaptive and resilient solution at a time. Together, we are the architects of change, navigating the challenges of our VUCAH World and leaving an indelible mark on the future.

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Dr. Gérard Meyer, Ph.D.

The Mental Wellness Society Founder and CEO

Neville Graham Gaunt

CEO Mind Fit Ltd | Author | Speaker and Coach

“In today’s rapidly changing landscape, marked by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity, and Hyperconnectivity (VUCAH), it’s imperative to navigate with agility and foresight. The constant shifts in market trends (Volatility) and unpredictable external factors (Uncertainty) necessitate a proactive approach. Moreover, the intricate interplay of various elements (Complexity) and the blurred lines between cause and effect (Ambiguity) make strategic decision-making a challenging task. In this era of unprecedented connectivity (Hyperconnectivity), being aware of and adapting to the VUCAH components is essential for success.”


By attending this informational course, I agree and acknowledge that the informative program that I am attending is a philanthropic noncommercial effort offered by the Mental Wellness Society, and I will not engage in any activities to monetize or portray myself as a mental health professional or crisis counselor, unless otherwise certified to do so. This program is designed to provide maximum information in a short time, consisting of non-certifying sessions and access to an online multimedia open-source library to equip me with knowledge on how to be helpfully caring and attentive to others in crisis. I understand that The Mental Wellness Society cannot be held responsible for any consequences resulting from my voluntary choice to help others.

I recognize that the training I receive is not equivalent to a trauma or psychological certification. In the event of discomfort within myself or discomfort from others dealing with me, I commit to recommending consultation with professional healthcare providers without hesitation.

This humanitarian, non-political safe space is open to all! Let’s keep it respectful, peaceful, positive, and non-confrontational.

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