Monica Borschel, PhD

🇭🇰 Hong Kong

Attachment, trauma and loss specialist

Odeya ChenYan

🇨🇳 Beijing, China

CEO and Business Strategist

Aziph Mustapha

🇲🇾 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Head of Culture Transformation & Employee Engagement | TEDx Speaker | International Keynote Speaker

Sree Kumar

🇮🇳 Hyderabad, India

HR Strategy Consultant | Executive Coach | Motivational Speaker | Counselor

Flemming A. D. Røntved

🇦🇪 Dubai, UAE

CEO ESQL World, Certified Coach & Speaker JMT, Chief Happiness Officer, Authorized GInI Provider, LIFO Practitioner

Mikaela Contreras

🇦🇪 Abu Dhabi, UAE

Founder The Mikology | Coaching women to find joy in their professional life

Dr. Joseph Wallach

🇮🇱 Modi’in Israel

Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Maccabi Health care Services

Shira Gura

🇮🇱 Modi’in Israel

Emotional Well-being and Mindset Coach | Award-winning Author | Podcast Host (Getting Unstuck and Living Deliberately)

Dr. Liraz Margalit

🇮🇱 Caesarea, Israel

Social Psychologist who specializes in Behavioral Design and Decision Making

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