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Join us in making a profound impact on Mental Wellness and Well-being Resilience in Israel!

We take pride in the incredible work of the Mental Wellness Society, with over 11,000 members across 73 countries who have volunteered their expertise for the past three years to advance Mental Wellness and promote the joy of living. During the challenging times of the COVID era we focused our efforts on supporting first responders and healthcare professionals worldwide, and preventing vicarious trauma and burnout. When the war in Ukraine unfolded, our dedicated task force provided assistance and trained psychologists to navigate trauma and support refugees.

Today, in response to the tragic events in Israel, we have launched the MWS Task Force “Mental Wellness and Well-being Resilience in Israel.” Our international team is committed to establishing a resilient and supportive environment, providing comprehensive training for those aiding others, and implementing a unique POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY approach even in the face of horrific circumstances.

Support Our Initiative

Our mission is to develop a network of specialized mini-centers, each meticulously equipped with innovative, scientifically-validated resonance therapeutic technologies. Our primary objective is to offer an effective solution for stress and anxiety reduction, with a special focus on assisting the most vulnerable among us. By contributing to our cause, you are making a direct impact in enhancing mental well-being and creating a healthier society. Your support is invaluable.”

Despite the dedication of our volunteers, the demand for our services is rapidly outpacing our capacity. To meet this challenge, we aim to establish mini-centers which will be equipped with cutting-edge, scientifically-validated technology that utilize resonance therapeutics to reduce stress and anxiety, especially for vulnerable populations.

Your financial support is crucial for acquiring the necessary equipment and deploying them swiftly throughout Israel. Our goal is to help reduce the intense anxiety experienced by many including families of soldiers on the front lines, traumatized survivors, children, pregnant women, and individuals with mental pre-conditions. With your generosity, Israel can become the first country to use technological assistance to address acute psychological tragedy.

We are in negotiations with two American companies to provide validated technology and devices that help people with extreme stress as well as mental and physical stress.

You can play a pivotal role in the resilience and survival of this endangered nation!

Our immediate campaign target is to raise US$18,000 as soon as possible, and every hour counts. Please support us by donating as generously as you can.

Together we can make a lasting impact on mental wellness in Israel and demonstrate the strength of humanity in times of crisis.

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