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Bringing Positive Personal Effectiveness into the Classroom

Here’s the replay of our last LinkedIn live as we talk about Bringing Positive Personal Effectiveness into the Classroom. With our special guest, Rinda Montgomery. She’s the Co-Founder and Chief Academic Officer of Change Management of Paradigm Learning Systems and an award-winning education administrator. Here are the timestamps of the live sessions: 00:00 Introduction to […]

Peak Performance for Agent of Change to Advance Mental Wellness

In this live, we talked about “Peak Performance for Agent of Change to Advance Mental Wellness to Fully Enjoy Living” Joining this discussion are our Mental Wellness Society co-chairs for Agent of Change, Isaac Garcia and Diana Petzold. Here are the timestamps of the live sessions: 00:00 Opening of the program 00:08 Intro to the […]

MindFulChoice™: A Life-Changing Process for Positive Personal Effectiveness

Personal effectiveness is a branch of the Personal Development movement that deals with success, goals, and Peak Performance for Body & Mind. It draws inspiration from Positive Psychology. Advocates for individual effectiveness consider several factors besides simple positive thinking. Some take an approach with similarities to business process management techniques. Others may take a holistic […]

Physical Health on Mental Health

Why is exercise more important now than ever? Together with 2 of our Mental Wellness Facilitators, Lisa Goldenthal and Kate Nitschke, we discuss the following: Exercise is essential nourishment for the mind, and body, and centering clarity and focus. (Physiological Overview) Stress Reduction / Anxiety Reduction / Depression Reduction (Exercise is Medicine) Feel-good hormone (endorphins) […]

Enhancing Mental Wellness to Advance Education and Parenting

Here’s the replay of our last LinkedIn Live with Robert Lebovits and Sherry Kelly Here are the timestamps of what we discussed about: 00:42 – Opening the live event and introduction to the guest, Dr. Kelly and Dr. Lebovits 02:48 – About to Dr. Sherry Kelly 09:55 – About Dr. Robert Lebovits and what MFC Academy and […]

The Mental Wellness Society Live from Jerusalem And Madrid

The Mental Wellness Society Live from Jerusalem And Madrid With Abraham-Gerard Meyer, Founder & CEO The Mental Wellness Society International, and MindFulChoice™ Academy and Coty Aserin, Chair Spain and Latin Countries for MWS and MFCA Online Topics to be discussed: – What was the need for creating The Mental Wellness Society International? – What is […]

Micro Yoga Routine for Office Workers

This #InternationalYogaDay, we celebrate the unity of mind, body, and soul. Here’s our featured video from one of our Mental Wellness facilitators, Shikha Sundriyal, an acclaimed Yoga & Fitness expert. In this video, Shikha demonstrates a simple micro yoga routine that you can easily do at the convenience of your workstation, to help you develop […]

MindfulChoice Seven Meta-Competences: Online MFC Self Learning Tools Topics


The term, meta-competence, might be new to you; yet the phenomenon it describes is crucial for making better decisions and choices in life. But how does it differ from competence and competency? Competence relates to our abilities, skills, and knowledge. Measuring how well a person functions relative to a set of standards, that’s competency. Meta-competence […]

Team Building

Team Building

The workplace is a mix of individuals with different personalities, beliefs, and backgrounds. Sometimes our differences divide us and it can be difficult to assemble a team with everyone on the same page. Even a small company with only a dozen employees can have difficulty creating a coherent team In larger companies you can even […]

Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

When running on a treadmill, have you ever noticed: You’re doing perfectly well and then you look up and see that you’ve past your previous personal best. Suddenly you get tired, your muscles begin to ache and you slow down.  What just happened? You hit “The Wall” – a self-imposed limitation that comes from a […]

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