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Tony Scullion


🇦🇪 Dubai, UAE Tony Scullion is a high-performance fitness and corporate mindset mentor who helps overworked C-Suite professionals transform their bodies and work life in as little as 12 weeks. Tony is passionate about promoting work-life wellness, mental health, and personal accountability and has been priming business professionals for success inside and outside the corporate […]

Deepak Singh


🇦🇪 Dubai, UAE I warmly welcome students before class and discuss any special needs, injuries, or concerns, Assist with any student inquiries and provide a sincere sense of hospitality. I am doing exceptional class instruction that is consistent with the class format and teaching methodology, according to the class schedule, and adhere to company standards […]

Sam Lison

🇮🇱 Mevaseret Zion, Israel In my clinic I work with individuals, families and couples, emphasizing aspects of positive psychology. I am an accredited Imago Couples Workshops Presenter, and have developed a Model for Positive Psychotherapy.

Avi Tenenbaum

🇮🇱 Jerusalem, Israel Avi Tenenbaum MA CASAP is an expert in Disaster Behavioral Health and Psychological First Aid. He provides international training to mental health professionals, first responders, and the general public in psychological disaster response and grief leadership. Avi is the former national director of Israel’s Psychotrauma & Crisis Response Unit. His experience includes […]

Dr. Navana Kundu

🇦🇪 Dubai, UAE I have a Doctorate in ‘Effects of Meditation on Human Mind and Happiness,’ International #1 Bestselling & Award Winning Author of Emotional Mastery – Toolkit for Success. I am also a prolific Speaker and a Master practitioner in 20 different therapy and coaching modalities to accelerate positive change and paradigm shift in […]

Oneg Shapira

🇮🇱 Ramot Menashe, Israel I specialized in mental training using advanced technologies, including biofeedback for snipers in elite units in the Israeli army, examined candidates for prestigious TV productions in prime time and developed assessment and evaluation tests for field fighters in life-saving organizations such as the firefighters. For the past decade, I have been […]

Ofer A. Lidsky

🇮🇱 Ramat-Gan, Israel Ofer A. Lidsky is an experienced Entrepreneur in the fields of BCI, Cybersecurity, VR and Digital Health. Ofer developed innovative software and technologies in the VR, Neurobiology, Genetics and Education fields. Expert in Cybersecurity & BCI. With over 30 years of experience, he has established different start-up companies. In 2015 Excellent Brain […]

Brice Nguedia Vofo

🇮🇱 Jerusalem, Israel Dr. Brice Vofo, is a medical doctor, currently specializing in ophthalmology, at the Hadassah- Hebrew University Medical center in Jerusalem, Israel. He obtained his MD degree from the University of Buea, Cameroon in 2015, where he graduated with honors. During his years in the university, in his capacity as president of the […]

Ahmed Abd El Whab

🇪🇬 Cairo, Egypt Ahmed Abd El Whab is an Integrative Holistic Therapist, Trainer, Coach, Counsellor, and Mentor. His clinical practice includes building unison between mind, body, and spirit to heal well-being. He provides coaching for personal growth, self-maturity, and adaptability by providing consultation sessions and energy healing to balance the main energy chakras. He specialized […]

Karim Kazemzade

🇮🇷 Fasa, IranModi’in Israel Karim Kazemzade is a teacher, researcher, counselor, and active about educational and family issues. He had a Master’s Degree in Education and has worked in the Educational Department, psychological clinic, and Group with working positions as researcher, curriculum planner, carrying out research projects in psychology and evaluation form creator. He has […]

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