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PositiviTeens®: Workshops for Teens In The Digital Age

Today’s teens are more isolated and marginalized than ever before, even though they may seem “connected” through the internet and social media. Why then are teens experiencing such high rates of depression? Why are mood disorders becoming so commonly seen in the high school and college-age populations? How do we raise our children to be positive in such a negative world? Can we teach teens the skills and mindset to be happy?

Parkinson’s Disease Guidelines and Dietary Recommendations

by Justine Friedman RDN Clinical Dietician tor BSc (Med)(Hons) Diet (UCT) There is no single Parkinson’s disease diet. But what you eat may impact how well your medication works and relieves Parkinson’s non-movement symptoms. Justine Friedman RDN, Registered dietitian nutritionist and MWS Facilitator in Israel, shared an outline for Parkinson’s Disease Guidelines and Dietary Recommendations. […]

Altruism for Advancing Mental Wellness to Fully Enjoy Living!

Generally, the best way to develop Stress’ Resilience is through Peak-performance Preparedness, by being committed to becoming the best version of yourself by acquiring a MindFulChoice™ Attitude. Indeed, learning MindFulChoice™ is a Life-changing Process for Positive Personal Effectiveness, and as much as it seems a paradox, choosing to take care of others is part of […]

National Suicide Prevention Month

If I were to ask you if you have the tools to prevent a suicide, what would you tell me? My dad died by suicide while I was in the hospital awaiting the birth of triplets. I was one of 135 people affected for every death by suicide. As a suicide loss survivor, I focus […]

Gut-Brain Axis

Researchers are looking at the dynamic that exists between the gut and the brain in order to understand how these two separate entities work side by side to profoundly influence cognition and emotion. Our brain and gut work together through bidirectional neurohumoral communication, with signals going back and forth, creating a dynamic workforce that has […]

Mental Wellness

Both life and death offer us a choice. The experience of death lasts a short time and has less variety, but the adventure of living is longer, and offers us more options. Underlying people’s perceptions surrounding the Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) pandemic is an immense level of stress and anxiety. This stress and anxiety is cetainly justified […]

Do You Work from Home or Do You Live at the Office?

If you are under 50 and working mostly or entirely from home – as is 71% of today’s workforce – there’s a pretty good chance you’re struggling to get things done, while at the same time feeling tired and over-worked. More than four out of ten people voice that complaint. And, in fact, people are […]

Post Covid-19 recovery Challenges for Leaders and Corporations

With the relaxation of restrictions by the governments to stimulate economic growth; businesses slowly crawling back to normalcy and recovery. While business activity seems to be gathering speed, there is little sense of relief amongst the corporate leadership as the scars left by the pandemic will take a long time to heal. Post covid-19 scenario […]

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