Post Covid-19 recovery Challenges for Leaders and Corporations

With the relaxation of restrictions by the governments to stimulate economic growth; businesses slowly crawling back to normalcy and recovery. While business activity seems to be gathering speed, there is little sense of relief amongst the corporate leadership as the scars left by the pandemic will take a long time to heal. Post covid-19 scenario… Continue reading Post Covid-19 recovery Challenges for Leaders and Corporations

The insidious effect of social media on perfectionism

Perfectionism is the need to be – or at least appear to be – flawless. The drive to be perfect is more prevalent in today’s society than ever before.

Focusing on the destination rather than on the journey

Focusing on the end goal gets you there. Sounds easy enough, to get from Point A to Point B, right? But along that journey distractions, impediments, and life circumstances can pull you away or block your path.

Binary Choice

One aspect of MindfulChoice is the Binary Choice. In any situation you have exactly two choices. Always two. This simple truth is a reflection of how the human mind works.

How do you stay positive in an ever-challenging world?

How do you stay positive in an ever-challenging world? Start by living with a positive mindset. Learning and embracing this positive change is crucial for succeeding in all aspects of life. Find out how in this video by our very own MWS Coordinator, Gail Elbourne.


Every day we try to improve ourselves by learning. We spend a lifetime gathering knowledge in classrooms, through books, from teachings and experiences.

Taking action by making small, consistent steps

Before crafting a sculpture, the craftsman must first see the goal. He must visualize the masterpiece hiding inside the solid rock. Setting the goal, he then chips away one small fragment at a time, always seeing his goal with every hammer swing.

The Decision Tree – Making the Right Choice

The decision tree is a visual representation of the process of making choices and the result of those choices. It is mapped out like the branches of a tree. A decision tree can be short and simple, illustrating the two choices in a single decision process, or it can present a long sequence of interconnected choices that flow from one to the next.

Improving Decision-Making

One sure way to derail your decision-making is by holding on to your failures. The shadow of failure can cast a cloud of doubt, causing you to struggle with any future decisions.

Engaged Employee

In just one year, there’s a very stark difference between how we work. Worldwide, 88% of the companies directed their employees to work from home after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. Another survey showed that 77% of work from home employees say that they are more productive now. This is probably a by-product of less… Continue reading Engaged Employee


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