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About The Mental Wellness Society

The Mental Wellness Society is internationally uniting experts acting within the arena of mental wellness services and research that are united in making mental wellness a popular global movement. MWS promotes mental wellness as something more valuable and sustainable than the reactive/treatment-based mental health scenario. The Mental Wellness Society embraces awareness of Mind and Body.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a unique model where mental wellness is the foundation of success for persons, organizations, and societies to be and stay well.

We are presented with daily stresses and hurdles that challenge our ability to mentally function at our best. Overcoming those challenges is the vision of the Mental Wellness Society.
Our goal is to facilitate positive well-being rather than remediate disorders. Through sharing proven scientific methods and techniques, with well-designed education and training systems, we aim to provide the tools for mental wellness and optimal experiencing in all aspects of living to realize our full potential

❝ We have to realize that times of stress are also times that are signals for growth ❞

Mission Statement of The Mental Wellness Society

Advancing mental wellness to fully enjoy living through powerful and innovative mental wellness tools and processes championed by a global community of leading wellness experts and practitioners.

Wellness has been described as “a conscious, active, self-directed process of achieving full potential.”

The mission of the Mental Wellness Society is to identify, promote, and advance the acquisition of concepts and knowledge that can equip individuals with the means to achieve wellness in the psychological, behavioral, and interpersonal areas of their lives.

The Mental Wellness Society brings together individuals, organizations, and enterprises to create synergies and partnerships in its activities. We are a global society, inclusive and accessible to anyone with a desire to expand quality of life.  


Dr. Robert Lebovits, Ph.D.

Founder and Chairman

Dr. Robert Lebovits, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist with more than 30 years of experience in practice. Through his clinical work he has created novel approaches to understanding the role of perceptions and responses in human psychology. His methods for engaging in therapeutic change address the inertia of dead-end thinking that therapists so often find when working with their clients. For over 20 years Dr. Lebovits was a faculty member in the Department of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Dr. Gérard Meyer, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Gérard Meyer, Ph.D. a physio-psychologist, is the lead innovator in the development of education and training programs for Mind Focused Coaching. He is the former President and CEO of the Carnegie Mellon Driver Training and Safety Institute, focused on Safety and Split-Second Decision-Making Under Stress. Dr. Meyer has investigated human response patterns (perception, memory, reasoning, and psychomotor response).

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Dr. Gerry Leisman

Chair Academic & Research, Israel Region
Gerry Leisman is an Israeli neuroscientist educated in Europe and the United States in Medicine, Neuroscience, and Biomedical Engineering at Manchester University. He additionally received a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering from Union University, in 1979.
He is currently a Fellow, Royal Society of Medicine and Full-time Professor of Neuro- & Rehabilitation Sciences and Research Fellow Movement and Cognition Laboratory, and Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences University of Haifa. He is also professor of Restorative Neurology, University of Medical Sciences “Manuel Fajardo” Faculty Institute of Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology Neurosurgery, Havana City, Cuba.

Coty Aserin

Chair Spain and Latin Countries

Coty Aserin began her education in the sciences with a B.A. in Biology from the Hebrew University, and subsequently completed her M.A. in Microbiology at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. At that point, Coty realized she much preferred working and interacting with people rather than tissue culture. Ms. Aserin has dedicated her life to helping others understand their brain is the most powerful “machine” ever created. With this awareness, anyone can turn their dreams and life goals into reality.

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MWS Collective Core Values


Pioneering and promoting new paths and partnerships to globally disseminate innovative knowledge by enabling breakthroughs in mental wellness and personal growth.


Networking, teaming, and sharing of best-practices and complementary skills to help individuals, organizations, and society to advance global mental wellness.


Respecting, listening and considering the different perspectives, disciplines, and values to establish positive, grateful, and fair-minded connections.


Harnessing the power from the differences and uniqueness of individuals and professionals by giving recognition to various perspectives and disciplines, while cultivating each member’s skill set in order to build a truly global wellness-toolbox.


MWS Global Facilitators

Check back soon for more insightful information about our growing list of worldwide MWS local facilitators.
Check back soon for more insightful information about our growing list of worldwide MWS local coordinators.
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Sherry S. Kelly, PhD

🇺🇸 West Hartford, CT, USA

Clinical Psychologist & Neuropsychologist at PositiviTeens®

Dr. Jacqueline Minor, PHR

🇺🇸 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Human Resources Professional | I/O Consultant | Career Mentor

Scott Donkin, DC, Dacboh

🇺🇸 Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Consultant, Chiropractor, Author

Simmie A. Adams, Ph.D., ACC, PMP, Prosci, OARs, Pilot

🇺🇸 Bealeton, Virginia, USA

Organizational Performance Development Specialist · Sr. Industrial/Org. Psychologist | Member of MWS International Steering and Organization Committee

Jonathon Palmieri

🇺🇸 Hartford, Connecticut Area, USA

Founder & President Rex Recruiting

Gail Elbourne

🇺🇸 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Talent Acquisition Guru seeking out and cultivating the very best talent for Centuri Group, Inc.

Dr. Steven Whitaker, Ph.D.

🇺🇸 Charlotte, NC, USA

Psychologist and Director of Research

Dr. Dutch Franz

🇺🇸 Seattle, WA, USA

Creator of REPS VR and CEO of TierOne Consulting - Performance Psychologist

Lisa Goldenthal

🇺🇸 Santa Monica, California, USA

Certified Lifestyle, Weight Management & Fitness Expert, Podcast Host at Lisa G Fitness: WholeCEO with Lisa G

Laurence Desmaris

🇺🇸 Tri-Cities, WA, USA

Certified Master Health and Wellness Coach, Chef at Wholesome Living Wellness Coaching

Christi Carlton, Ph.D.

🇺🇸 Saint Louis, MO, USA

Org. Psychologist for behavioral change, HR strategy, startups, cyberpsychology, and IT implementations.


🇺🇸 Wausau, WI, USA

Bautch Chiropractic S.C. - Chiropractic Owner

Justyna Brown

🇺🇸 Greater Boston, MA, USA

Marketing Mentor | Coach for Results and Peak Performance | Inspirator for Happy and Healthy living

Ellen Bradley Ganus

🇺🇸 Los Angeles, California, USA

Online Business Expert | Professional Networker | Athlete Bio Hacker | Actress-Producer | Investor

John Spence

🇺🇸 Gainesville, Florida, USA

Onsite-Remote -Top Business Advisor | Executive Coach | Workshop Facilitator | Speaker | Author

Jay Schneider

🇺🇸 Austin, TX, USA

Interventionist and Family Recovery Specialist for 20+ Years

Gabriel Gerashim

🇺🇸 New York City, USA

Borough Manager at Center for Independence of the Disabled

Erik C. Naimon, MA, SPHR

🇺🇸 Washington, DC, USA

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist | Personnel Selection Professional | Data-driven Problem Solver | SPHR Certified

Jeff Davidek

🇺🇸 Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist at Troutwood

Tammy Fitzpatrick, PhD

🇺🇸 Nashville TN, USA

Organizational Psychologist | Consultant | Professor

Catherine Sherlock

🇨🇦 Pender Island, BC, Canada

Founder of Higher Mindfulness. Master's in Environmental Studies

Kevin D. Masick, Ph.D.

🇺🇸 Long Island, NY, USA

Healthcare and Analytics Consultant and Professor

Carl Lemieux

🇨🇦 Montreal, Canada

Founder and Managing Director at Mindsmatter

Tiffany Castagno

🇺🇸 Pittsburgh, Pa, USA

Transformative HR Curator of Culture | Supporting SMBs & Founders to build infrastructures-to-scale, strong brands, engaged teams, and Cultures where people want to stay

Brian Wall, CAADC, LMHC, LPC

🇺🇸 Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA

Mental Health & Addiction Specialist

Dr. Jennifer Dustow

🇺🇸 Lanai City, Hawaii, USA

Globally recognized autism specialist, researcher, app creater and author

Darsi D. Beauchamp, M.A., L.P.C., Ph.D.

🇺🇸 Morristown, NJ USA

Psychotherapist/ Behavior Therapist

Nageen (Nyn) Riffat

🇺🇸 Houston, TX USA

Leadership Coach, Consultant, Author and Speaker

Shawna M. Benson, PsyD, LP

🇺🇸 Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor

Justin Stinson

🇺🇸 Dubuque, Iowa USA

Executive Leader | High Performance Executive Business Coach | Public Speaker

Lisa G. Twerski

🇺🇸 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Rinda Montgomery

🇺🇸 Mosier, Oregon, USA

Co-Founder and Chief Academic Officer, Change Management of Paradigm Learning Systems | Award-winning Education Administrator | Author

Becky Davidson, MA

🇺🇸 Lindon, Utah, USA

Master of Arts, English | Literary Researcher | Author | Master Storyteller | Founder & Voice of LOTIMUS Meditations

Zev Halpern

🇺🇸 Brookeville, Maryland, USA

International Relationship Mentor Coach | Podcast and TV Host

Heather Louise Vasey

🇨🇦 Greater Winnipeg Metropolitan Area, Canada

Life Coach at Hygge Holistic

Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D.

🇺🇸 San Diego, California, USA

Global Behavioral Science Authority, Cut to it Coach™, Speaker, Author, Advisor

Tricia Cook, MEd, RSP, AOG

🇺🇸 Birmingham, AL, USA

Reading Specialist | Montessorian | Neurodivergent Consultant | Coach | Author & Developer of My ELBERT™

Paul Sugar

🇺🇸 Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Director, Scottsdale Institute for Health and Medicine Center for Mindfulness

Chantal Martinez

🇺🇸 Miami, Florida, USA

Industrial Organizational Psychologist | Professional Research Scientist | DE&I | Consultant | Business Data Analyst

Gelly Asovski, LCSW-R RPT-S

🇺🇸 Monsey, New York, USA

Child and Family Therapist and Founder of Parenting With Gelly LLC

Dina Cohen

🇨🇦 Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

Relationship Specialist and Certified Addiction Therapist

Bernardo Merizalde, MD, DHt

🇺🇸 Horsham, Pennsylvania, USA

Assistant Clinical Professor at Thomas Jefferson University

Subrie King

🇺🇸 Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Doctoral Candidate | Air Force Veteran | Recruiter | Leadership | Organizational Development

Cynthia Lackner, MA, CMHIMP

🇺🇸 Denver, Colorado, USA


Oluwafemi Omotola

🇨🇦 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Human Resources | Employee Engagement Coach | Speaker | CEO Shalom Shalom Consulting

Isaac Garcia

🇺🇸 Amarillo, Texas, USA

Agile Transformation Coach | Co-Founder Virtual Agile Community

Maury Mourning

🇺🇸 Los Angeles, CA, USA

Life Coach | Transformational Speaker | Author

Darin Davidson, MD, MHSc, FRCSC

🇺🇸 Seattle, Washington State, USA

Surgeon | Clinical Epidemiologist | Founder of Darin Davidson, MD Consulting, PLLC

Yann Meunier

🇺🇸 Foster City, California, USA

International Healthcare Consultant

Gang-Ming Zou, MD, PhD

🇺🇸 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Physician (Hematology) in a University hospital in China | Editor-in-chief for American Journal of Translational Medicine

Dr. Priscilla Kucer

🇺🇸 Austin, Texas, USA

Entrepreneur | School Psychologist | Owner/Founder at Priscilla Kucer Consulting Solutions, LLC

Trevor Smith B.A, M.A. M.Ed, CLL, CLYL

🇺🇸 Springfield, Massachusetts Metropolitan Area, USA

Professor of Psychology with a Specialization in Positive Psychology

Harshita Yepuri

🇺🇸 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Computational Neuroscience Researcher | Aspiring Doctor | Tedx Speaker | Mental Health Advocate

Abby Beale CCH RSHom (NA)

🇺🇸 Northampton, Massachusetts, USA

Certified Classical Homeopath

Laura Hill

🇺🇸 Arlington, Virginia, USA

Fintech Operator & Investor | Member of MWS International Steering and Organization committee.

Mary Dee Skalski LPC,NCC

🇺🇸 Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, USA

Counseling Psychologist | Crisis Intervention Specialist

Shimon Waldfogel, MD

🇺🇸 Philadelphia, PA, USA

President, Citizens4health | Medical Director, Geriatric Psychiatry

Dr. Laura Grossman

🇺🇸 East Hampton, NY, USA

Doctor of Chiropractic | Professional Homeopath | President Of The Board Of Directors at National Center for Homeopathy

Uli K. Chettipally, MD., MPH.

Uli K. Chettipally, MD., MPH.

🇺🇸 Burlingame, Carlifornia, USA

Emergency Physician | Researcher | Author | Founder & President of InnovatorMD


Kai Des Etages

🇺🇸 Raleigh, NC, USA

Yoga Teacher | Meditation Coach | Abstract Artist

Bobbi Kline

🇺🇸 Santa Fe NM, USA

Founder, Roberta Kline Services/Bobbi Kline MD

Benoit Tano, M.D., Ph.D

🇺🇸 Sioux Falls | Greater Minneapolis, USA

Founder and CEO of Integrative Immunity Health System, PC

Kaitlyn E. Kelly

🇺🇸Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Co-founder of PositiviTeens® Workshops | Teen-2-Teen

Pete Schramm

🇺🇸 Butler, PA, USA

Lattus Founder | Speaker | Mentor

Kenneth-Maxwell Nance

🇺🇸 New York, New York, USA | 🇰🇷 South Korea, Asia

Director | Leadership Scholar-Practitioner (Scientist) | Doctoral Candidate | Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer

Duke Joseph Ruktanonchai

🇺🇸 Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, USA

Chief Medical Officer at Eachday

Lisa S. Larsen, PsyD

🇺🇸 Lancaster, California, USA

Licensed Psychologist in Private Practice | Wellness Life Coach

Ellen Ingraham

🇺🇸 Buena Vista, CO, United States

Chief Operating Officer at


Angela Gala Gonzalez

🇺🇸 Houston, Texas, USA

Medical Doctor| Researcher | Educator | Holistic Health Practitioner

Vanessa Klugman MD, ACC, CAPP

🇺🇸 Greater Chicago Area, USA

Life and Recovery Coach

Kevyn Rustici

🇺🇸 Rochester, New York, USA

Strategic Workforce Consultant | Owner: KJR Consulting and #HRevolution

Barbara Cudak

🇺🇸 Westminster, Massachusetts, USA

Dir, Customer Advocacy and Adoption Marketing

Diana Martinez, MD, PHD, LMHC, BCN

🇺🇸 Greater Boston, USA

Medical Doctor and Neuroscientist at Boston Neurodynamics

Erica Pieczonka

🇺🇸 Denver, USA

Owner, Erica Pieczonka Coaching and Consulting, LLC

Barbara Rubel

🇺🇸 Kendall Park, USA

Speaker for Mitigating Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, & Vicarious Trauma to Increase Employee Retention

Sharolyn Ferrer

Sharolyn Ferrer

🇺🇸 San Marcos, Texas, USA

Owner- Founder-Board Certified Music Therapist-Minister-Musician

Vincent Caimano

🇺🇸 Pasadena, California, USA

CEO & Co-Founder, Peer Support Solutions

Toni Bator

🇺🇸 Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

I coach women leaders and neurodiverse individuals to build resilience and improve executive functioning skills to flourish in their lives.

Michele Manassah

🇺🇸 Pensacola, USA

Executive Director of Counseling & Wellness

Girish Jha

🇺🇸 Gilbert, AZ, USA

Mindfulness practices I Corporate wellness I Leadership & Life Coach I Motivational Speaker I Mentor

William Bill Taylor

🇺🇸 Fortville, Indiana, USA

Founder, Elite Mindset Coach

Urvi Shah

🇺🇸 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Founder, Chief Well-being Officer

Chudley Werch

🇺🇸 Saint Augustine, USA

President at Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC


Katherine J Sullivan, PhD, PT, FAHA

🇺🇸 Riverside County, California, USA

Founder & President of 360 Wellness Solutions

Christopher Sanchez Lascurain, LCSW, HCC, CWMF

Christopher Sanchez Lascurain, LCSW, HCC, CWMF

🇺🇸 Santa Monica, California, USA

CEO of Heathemindset, Licensed Clinical Therapist, Mind-shift Mentor, and Content Creator.


Jay Pesek

🇺🇸 Helena, Alabama, USA

Licensed professional counselor, board-certified and owner

Carmelita Aufdemberge

🇺🇸 Milwaukee, USA

Trauma Counselor

Kirt Manecke

🇺🇸 Saint Augustine, USA

Author, Company Owner

Bob Stauble

🇺🇸 Plymouth MA, USA

Principal | Managing Partner of Rebelution Health Partners

Kate Nitschke

🇺🇸 Milwaukee, USA

Health & Wellness COO/CEO


Lori Marshall

🇺🇸 Lake Forest, California, USA

CEO and Founder IN.S.P.I.RE. Global LLC

Christina Donka

🇺🇸 North Bend, Washington, USA

Executive Director


Patti Scallan

🇺🇸 Lewes, Delaware, USA

Chief Executive Officer of Synergistic Health

Charlotte Ann Midkiff Frye

🇺🇸 Nashville Metropolitan Area, USA

Counseling Psychology Specialist, Serving Patients of Diabetes, Podcast Host

Pashmeen Lakhani

🇨🇦 Canada

Clinical Research Associate | Internationally Trained Doctor | Writer

Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox

🇺🇸 New York, NY, USA

Director Project Chai - Crisis Intervention, Trauma and Bereavement Department of Chai Lifeline

Alisa Minkin

🇺🇸 West Hempstead, New York, USA

MD pediatrician, Beach Pediatrics

Sue Fox Schwartz

🇺🇸 Dallas, USA

Leadership Coach

Dan Blanchard

🇺🇸 Storrs, Connecticut, USA

Author, Speaker, Educator, TV Host

Alexis Brown

🇺🇸 Ocean View, Delaware, USA

Transformation Coach, Founder


Jeff Shair

🇺🇸 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Tardive Dyskinesia Advocate

Vincenne Revilla

Vincenne Revilla

🇺🇸 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


Montgomery Prescod

🇺🇸 St. Matthews, South Carolina, USA

Applied Psychologist and Psychotherapist


Brenda Jacobson

🇨🇦 Calgary, Canada

Founder, CEO YouEQ


Larry Lutsky

🇺🇸 Queens County, New York, USA

Research Statistics Analyst at The Krasnoff Quality Management Institute (KQMI) at Northwell Health


Bill Lightfoot

🇺🇸 Greater Boston, USA

Educator, Explorer, and Coach


Irina Esterlis

🇺🇸 New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Associate Professor, Psychiatry at Yale University

Lisa Lombard

Lisa Lombard

🇺🇸 Chicago, USA

Clinical and Research Psychologist

Michael J. Yonkovig

Michael J. Yonkovig

🇺🇸 Charlotte, NC, USA

Licensed Psychologist

Frank Hannah

🇺🇸 Pal Beach Gardend, FL, USA

Founder and President Initiative for Mental Health Awareness, Inc.


Kristina Pecora

🇺🇸 Washington, DC, USA

Licensed Clinical Psychologist - Illinois, New York, Washington (state), and PSYPACT

John Crocker

🇺🇸 Methuen, Massachusetts, USA

Director of School Mental Health & Behavioral Services, Methuen Public Schools

Paula Felicia de Candia

🇨🇦 Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Regulated Professional Homeopath

Brian Grossman

🇺🇸 Twentynine Palms, USA

Trainer/ Coach

Sam Bernard

🇺🇸 Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Emergency Management Psychologist


Andrey Zakladnoy

🇺🇸 Lincoln NE, USA

Regional EH&S Engineer and Safety Spacialist for North America

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Calixto Machado, MD, PhD, FAAN

🇨🇺 Havana, Cuba

Senior Profesor and Researcher Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Havana, Cuba

Rodrigo Aliaga Sazo

🇨🇱 Rancagua, Chile

Life & Business Coach | Advanced Coaching Practitioner

Cinthya Virginia Soto Hidalgo

🇵🇪 Peru

Director General at Making Ideas | Transformational Coach | Professor and Researcher | International Speaker

Pablo Guillermo Heinig

🇦🇷 Argentina

Ontological Coach trained by Rafael Echeverría – Newfield Consulting | Corporal Coach trained by Dr. Stuart Heller | Developer and head of Pablo Heinig & Associates

Juan Carlos Oetiker-Luchsinger De Craene

🇨🇱 Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Individual Life Insurance Consultant for Metlife Chile

Alvaro Ramirez Bonilla

🇨🇴 Medellín, Colombia

CEO and Founder of BR Latin America

Lourdes Uzuriaga Valverde

🇵🇪 Lima, Perú

CEO & Co-founder aCredu (EdTech start-up) and ESCALA Agency (Digital and product experiences for Health, Wellness & Education)

Mauricio Chinchilla-Acosta, MD

Mauricio Chinchilla-Acosta, MD

🇨🇷 Costa Rica

Neurologist | Researcher | Author

Ana Isabel Jacome Rosenfeld

🇪🇨 Pichincha, Ecuador

Professor at Universidad Internacional SEK

Isabela Almeida Ramos

🇧🇷 Brasilia, Brazil

Ph.D. in Physical Education

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Dr. Viktor Vus

🇺🇦 Ukraine

Ph.D in Psychology, PgPS in Management (UK) - Coordinator for Mental Wellness Society International in Ukraine, and Ukraine Lead for MWS-Help Ukraine world wide Taskforce; Director-at-Large (2021-2023), World Federation for Mental Health

Maia Vassileva, MA, MBA

🇬🇧 United Kingdom

Human development and education specialist with interests in prevention/intervention of cognitive and behaviour issues

Denise Holland

🇬🇧 Kent, United Kingdom

Transformation & Wellbeing Coach at Class Performance - Excellence Within

Jacqueline Jacques

🇨🇭 Switzerland

Quantum Coach, Seminar leader & International Speaker

Danilo Tetesi

🇮🇹 Lecce, Italy

Research Assistant | Artificial Intelligence | Neuroscience | Management | Computational Embodied Neuroscience

Jonathan MacDonald

🇬🇧 London, United Kingdom

Professional Speaker on Neuro-Diversity & Cognitive Advantage | Author & Philosopher

PhD, Tünde Erdös

🇦🇹 Austria

Ashridge MSc. in Executive Coaching, ICF MCC, EMCC Senior Practitioner


Nikola Babić

🇷🇸 Belgrade, Serbia

Assistant Lecturer at Higher Education School of Professional Health Studies

Daria Korenkova, Ph.D.

🇷🇺 Moscow, Russia

Agile Marketing Leader | FoodTech Retail | Global Shaper | Mentoring future marketing stars

Diana Petzold

🇧🇪 Belgium

Transformation and Performance Mindset Coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker & Author

Barbara Vercruysse

🇧🇪 Avelgem, Belgium

Certified Master Life Coach – Global Science Foundation Mentor, Personal Coach, Business Coach, Thought Leader and Public Speaker

Dr. Adrian J. Krahn

🇨🇭 Zurich, Switzerland

CEO of Innutri and Acsana, dietary supplements companies with vegan delivery forms

Nicolas Beltou

🇫🇷 Bordeaux, France

Ph.D. in Occupational and Industrial Psychology Psychologist

David Labuschagne

🇸🇮 Izola, Slovenia

Health Professional and Exercise Scientist

Antonio Kalentzis

🇬🇷 Greece

Psychologist , Lecturer of Psychology , Author of Mental Health Books

Paul Gariboldi

🇨🇭 Switzerland

Google Cloud Head of Strategic Platforms and Ecosystems - Europe, Middle East, Africa EMEA for Business Applications Platforms

Dov Benyaacov-Kurtzman RSW

🇬🇧 London, United Kingdom

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Therapist and EMDR Practitioner at The Priory Group

Diogo Varandas

🇵🇹 Lisbon, Portugal

Founder and Life Crafting Enabler of Thumbs Up

Gary Anello

🇩🇪 Düsseldorf, Germany

Business Storytelling Coach/Consultant | Certified Birkman™ Consultant | EMBA Career Center Manager

Amina Eperjesi

🇭🇺 Budapest, Hungary

Professional Certified Coach & Licensed Supervisor

Annunziata Di Lecce

🇮🇹 Italy, Rome

Psychologist | Leadership Communication Trainer | Mindfulness Teacher IMTA | Coach | Design Thinker

Beth E. Lee, MSc

🇮🇪 Dublin, Ireland

Psychology Researcher, Writer, Trainer, & Marketer

Smriti Mishra

🇸🇪 Stockholm, Sweden

Head of Artificial Intelligence at Earthbanc

Francisco Marques-Teixeira

🇵🇹 Porto, Portugal

MSc Neuroscience | Creative Neurotechnologist

Miguel Gonçalves

🇵🇹 Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Founder of Learn2Be Project | Psychologist | Mental and Wellness Coach

Shirin Kulkarni

🇫🇮 Tampere, Pirkanmaa, Finland

Research Director and Co-Founder of the Creative Education Council (CCE) Finland | Entrepreneur | Writer

Irene Anggreeni

🇳🇱 The Randstad, Netherlands

Licensed Dance/Movement Psychotherapist | Mental Health Practitioner | Corporate Wellness Consultant

Tarja Wiklund

🇫🇮 Helsinki, Finland

Entrepreneur - compassionate and servant leadership, resilience & emotional intelligence at work at Myötätuntovalmennus

Veronika Dokken

🇳🇴 Oslo, Norway

International Business Creator | Aquaculture, Agritech, Green energy, Derivatives | Professional Pianist & Business Mentor

Heidi Krauss

🇩🇪 Constance, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Founder & CEO of Mindfeed Institute

Anna-Margret Skuladottir

🇩🇰 Copenhagen, Denmark

BSc in Psychology | Cand.Psych in Psychology | MSc Disaster Management | PhD Researcher | Certified Leadership Mentor | Mindfulness Instructor | Clinical Hypnotherapist

Giuseppe Andò

🇮🇹 Milan, Italy

Business & Leadership Coach

Lucy Antrobus

🇨🇭 Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

Entrepreneur | CEO | Speaker | Board Advisor | Confidence Catalyst

Milena Iacovelli

🇩🇪 Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

Corporate Art Therapist | Experiential Training Agency

Daniela Mannucci

🇮🇹 Turin, Italy

Private Practice Peak Performance Strategies at One Day Coach

Veronica Safoa Owusu

🇬🇧 Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Online Course Creation Strategist | Deep Dive Mindset Coach | Vpowercoaching

Sam Rehan

🇬🇧 London, United Kingdom

Well-being Professional | Mental Health Speaker | Stress Management Expert

Eric Lynn

🇩🇪 Munich, Germany

Facilitator | Coach | Mediator | Author | Founder of cultureQs

Boryana Razsolkova

🇧🇬 Sofia City, Bulgaria

Psychologist and Brain Trainer

Laura Rojas Marcos Ph.D.

🇪🇸 Madrid, Spain

Doctor in Clinical Psychology and Health | Psychotherapist | Researcher | Speaker | Teacher and Writer

Helen Argyrou

🇨🇾 Limassol (Lemesos), Cyprus

Clinical Psychologist | Neuroscience Researcher | Coach | Sacred Sound and Drum Therapist

Neville Graham Gaunt

🇬🇧 London, United Kingdom

CEO Mind Fit Ltd | Author | Speaker and Coach

Viola Edward

🇨🇾 Cyprus

Transcultural Psychotherapist - Trainer | Mentor | Coach | Humanitarian | Co-creator of BQ-Breath Intelligence & GRIT Method.

Pile Pesti

🇪🇪 Tallinn, Estonia

Psychologist & Mental Health Counsellor | Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic Nutritionist | Career Counsellor

Jackqueline Georgieva Andonova, PhD

🇧🇬 Bulgaria

Psychologist & Wellness Coach

Alexander Thomas Hall

🇬🇧 Northwich, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Founder/Owner at Nutrition_Al – DNA Fat Loss & Longevity Coach

Willem Gielen

🇳🇱 Terneuzen, Denemarken, Netherlands

Cardiologist, MD

Seamus Power

🇮🇪 Lucan, Ireland


Jeff Davis

🇳🇱 Rotterdam, Netherlands

Writer, Speaker, and Consultant at Jeff Davis International

Elie Goldfarb

🇩🇪 Berlin, Germany

Healthcare expert, CCO Kenkou

Ben Schablowski

🇩🇪 Tengen, Germany

Life and Business Coach

Willem Van Rhenen

🇳🇱 Zeist, The Netherlands

Chief Health Officer at Arbo Unie | Professor at Nyenrode

Naima Mokhtar

Naima Mokhtar

🇬🇧 Oxford, United Kingdom

Vampire Slayer

Valeriia Palii

Valeriia Palii, PhD

🇺🇦 Ukraine

President of The National Psychological Association of Ukraine

Jonniy Sårde

🇩🇰 Copenhagen, Denmark

Founder MeloKura Institute of Frequency Therapy

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Dr. Khalil Hamzi

🇲🇦 Casablanca-Settat, Morocco

International Neurogenetics Specialist

Dr Madelaine Gomes MsC.D

🇿🇦 Durban, South Africa

Women Empowerment Coach, Mentor and Teacher

Whitney Edna Ibe

🇳🇬 Lagos, Nigeria

Life & Mental Health Coach at Whitney Edna Ibe Consult, Chief Editor for The Social Talks & Chief Editor Online Media MFCA & MWS

Annabell Gichure

🇰🇪 Nairobi, Kenya

Lead Coach and Psychologist Transform Generations Afrika