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Special Interview with Dr. Michael Schulman of Ask Noah International


In this meeting, Dr. Abraham Gerard Meyer, the co-founder of TorahPeutics, a platform that combines Torah wisdom with the science of modern therapy, interviews Dr. Michael Schulman, the Executive Director and founder of Ask Noah International. This charitable organization provides Torah-based resources and guidance for non-Jews who want to observe the seven universal commandments given by God to Noah after the great flood. Dr. Schulman explains that these commandments form the divine code for a civilized and righteous society and are intended for all mankind. He emphasizes that the teaching of these commandments was suppressed for almost 2,000 years but has been renewed in recent decades in preparation for the Messianic era.

Dr. Schulman goes on to list the seven commandments, which are the prohibitions against idolatry, cursing God, forbidden sexual relations, murder and personal injury, theft, and cruelty to animals, and the obligation to establish righteous laws and courts. He explains that these commandments are not just good ideas, but they are from God and have an underlying basis of belief in Him. He also clarifies that while the observance of these commandments is not a religion in the traditional sense, it is a spiritual path that helps individuals be close to and believe in God, as well as behave as righteous individuals in the world.

The discussion then turns to the concept of trust in God, a fundamental aspect of the Jewish religion, and applies to non-Jews. Dr. Schulman explains that having trust in God relieves individuals of the burden of worries and anxieties, as they believe God is in control and has a master plan for their lives. He emphasizes the importance of prayer, repentance, and helping others to develop trust in God.
Dr. Meyer highlights the synergy between TorahPeutics and Ask Noah International, as both organizations aim to help people and provide guidance based on Torah principles. They discuss the correlation between the 12-step programs used in addiction recovery in relation to the teachings of the Noahide code, as both emphasize belief in a higher power, which is exemplified by trust in God.

In closing, Dr. Schulman expresses gratitude for the opportunity to work with TorahPeutics and hopes their collaboration will benefit all individuals, regardless of their religious background, by combining modern positive psychology with ancient divine knowledge.

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