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The Gate of Trust – Sha’ar HaBitachon


Duties of the Heart by Rabeinu Bahya is a classic mussar work. The fourth section is presented in this book, The Gate of Trust (Shaar HaBitachon). It explains the great benefits of having complete trust in the One G-d, and this is universal. We are recommending this translation by Rabbi Sebag for all Jews, and for all Gentiles, including faithful Noahides.

Published: 20’17-20’21, 186 pages.

From the Translator’s Foreword:

The following is a translation of the fourth section [“Gate”] of one of the earliest of the classic mussar works, Chovos Halevavos (Duties of the Heart) by Rabeinu Bahya [Bechaye (ibn Paquda), c. 10’50–11’20]. The book has inspired many great [Torah scholars] to walk in its ways and review it throughout their lives. The Fourth Gate deals with what Rabeinu Bechaye regards as “the most necessary of all things for the service of G-d.”

I have found that the Gate must be read in its entirety, otherwise one will not have understood anything properly. In translating this, I consulted with the classic Hebrew commentaries and also the translations by Rabbi Moses Hyamson and Daniel Haberman. The translator has studied in numerous Torah institutions including the renowned Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem.
– Yosef Sebag, Jerusalem, Tamuz 5772/20’12

The hardcover, paperback and ebook editions from Rabbi Sebag are very low priced on Amazon: click here

The author has generously placed the earlier 20’13 PDF edition on-line for free download: click here

For our explanation of the concept of complete trust in G-d, click here.

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