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Ira Prochko

🇮🇱 Jerusalem, Israel

Ira is currently the COO of Get Help Israel, The Israel Association of Mental Health Professionals. However Ira didn’t begin his career in the mental health space, he worked for eighteen years in wealth management across various sectors of the industry including retail, institutional and family office. In 2019 Ira made a career change to be able to help people on the front lines and that’s how the role at Get Help Israel was born. GHI has the unique challenge of helping both mental health professionals and the public in Israel navigate the mental health system. By providing both populations with the tools and resources to lead healthy, happy lives and successful practices, Get Help Israel is bringing wellness to the English speaking population in Israel every single day. Ira also runs a non-profit organization that gives Israeli soldiers who have come from around the world to serve in the IDF access to subsidized private therapy.

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