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Flemming A. D. Røntved

🇦🇪 Dubai, UAE

Flemming’s purpose is to unlock potential in the single individual, organization or even a country! His vision is a world where human energy can be applied to produce the most innovative outcomes that transforms employees, organizations, community and society. Flemming has 25 years’ experience in the financial world as a leader in several Danish Banks The last decade Flemming has travelled 88 countries, observing monitoring, and unlocking potential in C-suite, leaders of International Organization Governments and other institution. 95% of who we are being a set of patterns which serve to keep us stuck in the past. These programs, downloaded before the age of 7, affect us mentally, spiritually, physically, chemically, biologically, and genetically. They direct our unconscious thoughts, automatic programs, repetitive habits, emotional reactions and memorized behaviours. Not only are they are out of date but mostly negative. Based on latest Neuroscience and Biology research, ESQL World helps humans develop quality conscious thinking to transform their impact.

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