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Dr. Navana Kundu

🇦🇪 Dubai, UAE

I have a Doctorate in ‘Effects of Meditation on Human Mind and Happiness,’ International #1 Bestselling & Award Winning Author of Emotional Mastery – Toolkit for Success. I am also a prolific Speaker and a Master practitioner in 20 different therapy and coaching modalities to accelerate positive change and paradigm shift in people’s lives.

Early life: In my early 20s I formed a highly successful career in fashion industry in Milan. I reached the heights of career success with Elite Model Management in Italy, working with the topmost professionals of the industry and finally, started my own corporate events company IBB International in Barcelona, Spain.

In the following years, I brought together leading decision makers of FT500 companies ranging from Nike, Microsoft, Coca Cola to many more in her premier conferences and summits in Europe, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Hong Kong. I currently run my international consultancy company from Dubai.

I have been a fast learner from the lessons that life has taught me through tragedy, death, failed relationships, loss and pain. The turns in life made me to explore deeper the energetics of human mind and the spiritual aspects of human life. I spend considerable time in the Himalayas in her spiritual exploration.

Awards and recognitions:
“Excellence in Meditation 2021” by the World Health Awards,
7th Global Choice Awards Best International Author and Speaker
‘India Authors Award 2021’ by NMCBI, Navi Mumbai Chamber of Business & Industries.

I am regularly featured in The Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Standard, Thrive Global, International Business Times, Gulf News, Indian Express, NDTV, MedLife UAE, Yogalife and other major publications.

My International #1 Bestselling book, ‘Emotional Mastery – Toolkit for Success’ is a #1 Bestseller in multiple countries USA, UAE, India, and in multiple categories mental health, self-help, medical and health, and psychology.

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