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Deepak Singh

๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ช Dubai, UAE

I warmly welcome students before class and discuss any special needs, injuries, or concerns, Assist with any student inquiries and provide a sincere sense of hospitality.

I am doing exceptional class instruction that is consistent with the class format and teaching methodology, according to the class schedule, and adhere to company standards

In my work, I plan and develop a variety of Yoga classes, choose appropriate music, and choreograph different asanas (postures) appropriate for each class.

Most of the time I Lead the class by performing the postures along with the customer who follows my lead And Incorporates the use of safe transitional movements from one asana to another.

Instruct group class format Educate participants on the proper form of asanas, anatomy of the body, contraindications of asanas, and modification of Asanas when needed.

Explain and enforce safety rules and proper usage of postures during the aerial class or Pilates yoga class.

Motivate participants and provide instruction in maintaining intensity levels to maximize benefits from the classes.

Monitor participation and make necessary adjustments of the postures when necessary.

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