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Avi Tenenbaum

🇮🇱 Jerusalem, Israel

Avi Tenenbaum MA CASAP is an expert in Disaster Behavioral Health and Psychological First Aid. He provides international training to mental health professionals, first responders, and the general public in psychological disaster response and grief leadership.

Avi is the former national director of Israel’s Psychotrauma & Crisis Response Unit. His experience includes providing aid for people coping in the wake of numerous large-scale disasters and war including the Second Lebanon War, Hurricane Harvey, Pittsburg Tree-of-Life massacre, Haifa 2016 Fires, Operation Cast-Lead, Meron Civil Disaster, Operation Guardian of the Walls, as well as over 2000 small-scale tragedies in the role as a psychological first aid provider, trainer, & supervisor.

He is also a national instructor & trainer in Mental Health First Aid and Israel’s MHFA curriculum coordinator. He is the founder of the Briut Hanefesh Professional Listserv, was a pivotal force in bringing Acceptance & Commitment Therapy to Israel’s professional community, and is a sought-after speaker, panel member, and facilitator on the topics of acute trauma, resiliency, addiction, and overlap of Jewish theology and psychology.

Avi is also an ordained Rabbi and produces therapeutic media based upon traditional Jewish theological sources with the aim of helping people in psychotherapy to heal via balanced spiritual messages. Aside from an academic background, Avi has the rank of sergeant as a volunteer law enforcement officer in Israel Police’s operational units as well as being a trained Emergency Medical Technician, giving him first-hand exposure of acute trauma from the position of a first responder.

His interests include Disaster Behavioral Health, Acute Trauma & Grief, Addiction, Leadership, wellbeing, & the congruence of psychology and religion. He can be reached at

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