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Ari Schoenfeld

🇮🇱 Jerusalem, Israel

Ari Schoenfeld is the director of MOXO México y de Hayeladim Shelanu. Hayeladim Shelanu (Our Children) was founded in 2011 in order to prevent the tragic outcome of children dropping out of schools. Most of these children, already with low self-esteem and with feelings of dejection, turn to crime, drugs, and even prostitution. Hayeladim Shelanu detects the children in need of help and by utilizing innovative neuro-cognitive brain development techniques, the children receive the help that they need early on in their scholastic career.

Ari have two passions in life. One, is to understand as much as possible the complexity of the world, specially of human beings and two, is the pleasure of helping people live a better life.

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