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Can HR Impact Resilience in a VUCAH World?

Here’s the replay of our insightful webinar, “Can HR Impact Resilience in a VUCAH World?” that happened yesterday, on January 30, 2024.

During this webinar, which is generously sponsored by RWF The Resilience & Well-being Foundation, we talked about the challenges and strategies of operating successfully in a VUCAH environment. We had a panel of experts from esteemed institutions like the U.S. Federal Research at Carnegie Mellon Driver Training and Safety Institute, The Mental Wellness Society International, and ResWell Global Research Group for Resilience and Well-being. They shared some amazing insights and practical tools with us.

Key takeaways include learning how to assess organizational and workforce resilience, identifying the tools needed to bridge resilience strategy gaps, and understanding the vital role of a Corporate Resilience Officer in today’s VUCAH world.

Part 1 - Dr. Abraham Gerard Meyer

Part 3 - Prof. Gerry Leisman

Part 5 - Dr. Sherry Kelly

Part 7 - Scott Donkin, DC, Dacboh

Part 2 - Neville Graham Gaunt

Part 4 - Isaac Garcia

Part 6 - Sharik Peck

Part 8 - Salomé Dumbadze

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