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Hillel Braude, MBBCH, PHD

🇮🇱 Afula, Northern, Israel

Current neuroscience research demonstrates the human brain’s capacity for constant renewal and regeneration in terms of neuroplasticity. My professional vision integrates my expertise in clinical medicine, neuroscience, ethics and the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education in order to develop a unique educational and therapeutic modality to promote the brain’s inherent capacity for self-healing. This approach integrates various neurofeedback modalities, including hands on somatic practices, as well as movement and mindfulness approaches.

Experience and expertise

  • More than 25 years in clinical medicine, medical ethics consulting, philosophy of medicine and neuroethics research
  • More than 8 years as a Feldenkrais Method somatic educational practitioner Method
  • More than 6 years research experience in the field of autism and infant development
  • Pioneering integration of clinical medicine, neuroscience and somatic practices in order to promote self-healing and neuroplasticity
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