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What to tell the children?


Letter from the Rebbe explaining the procedure to follow regarding the announcement of the death of a parent.

You ask me if you should tell your friends about the death of their mother. In my opinion, you
will gradually explain to them that G-d has led her to a place where she no longer suffers from
her illness, that this place is in the heavens, that she continues, from where she is, to be
concerned about the well -being of the members of her family, that she asks G-d that they
succeed in their studies, that they adopt good behavior.

Even now, this mother pities her children, wishes that they behave like conscious Jews. By
doing so, they give her the greatest satisfaction and she is then able to make them successful.

The only modification is therefore the impossibility of verifying all this with one’s physical
Obviously, you will not use the same terms with the oldest and with the youngest. The
message, on the other hand, based on what has just been said, perhaps, more or less, the
same for everyone.

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