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Tikva by Keep Olim Webinar: Navigating Well-being in Israel, A Meta-mindset for Mental Resilience Amidst Catastrophe


By Dr. Abraham Gerard Meyer
Co-Founder and CEO
The Mental Wellness Society

One of the cornerstones of KeepOlim (RA 580613610) is to provide ALL Olim with Free and Low-Cost Mental Health Counseling in their native language. Sadly, more than ⅓ of all suicides in Israel are Olim – many of them Lone Soldiers. Mental health care for Olim in Israel is extremely limited and lacking. Olim are sometimes forced to wait months to speak to a counselor in their native language and there is often no therapist that speaks their language or fluently enough to make therapy sessions impactful.

In this training, Dr. Abraham Gerard Meyer, Co-founder and CEO of Mental Wellness Society, explained in a one-hour training: “How to Navigate Well-being in Israel, Amidst Catastrophe.”

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