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Dr. Robert Melillo

🇺🇸 New York City, USA

Dr Robert Melillo is clinician with 30 yrs of experience. He has personally worked with thousands of kids and adult patients in his distinguished career. He currently sees patients in Long Island ,NY, Practice The Melillo Center . He is a 8xs bestselling author, his book Disconnected Kids has been translated into 18 languages with more than 500,000 books sold internationally. Dr Melillo is one of the most respected experts in the world in brain developmental issues and functional neurology/neuroscience .He has taught over 10,000 health and education professionals worldwide and he continues to lecture extensively throughout the world. He is an adjunct professor at National University ,where he is a post graduate Professor of Developmental Functional Neurology. Dr Melillo is a brain researcher, he is executive director and fellow of National Institute For Brain and Rehabilitation Sciences. He has multiple peer reviewed publications including ,1 Text book,60 scientific papers ,20 chapters In other text books. He is the Co- Founder of Brain Balance Achievement Centers ,there are approximately  100 centers in the USA that work with kids with all types of behavioral and learning issues like Autism, ADHD and Dyslexia. Brain Balance has worked with more than  50,000 Kids in the past 14 years and has an extremely high success rate. He is also the Creator of The Melillo Method which is a cutting edge clinical approach to all types of neurological, physical and mental health issues.He is founder and Past President of International Association Of Functional Neurology and Rehab .Dr Melillo has appeared in over 1000 radio, TV shows and podcats, and has hosted his own radio show and podcast .He is also the Co-Creator  with his wife of the Webseries Disconnected Kids ,Reconnected families which is currently the number one show streaming on YourHome TV network. Dr Melillo has been married for over 30 years to his wife Carolyn ,3 great kids. Dr Melillo holds Multiple graduate degrees in ,Neuroscience ,Clinical Rehabilitation Neuropsychology ,Chiropractic Neurology ,and is a Diplomate in functional Neurology and a Fellow in Childhood Developmental Disorders .He  is currently a PHd candidate in Cognitive Neuroscience. He has a practice in Rockville Centre ,NY.

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