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Kate Nitschke

Kate Nitschke

🇺🇸 Milwaukee, USA

As a Business Professional with deep expertise in operations leadership she is dedicated to transforming the way in which healthcare is delivered. Bringing progressive growth in managing health, people, process and product/programs she is able to demonstrate both health improvement and growth in profit. She is a COO with a CEO vision, bringing an integrated approach through cross-functional departments with a multidisciplinary care team to enhance culture and cultivate client success. Her ability to tactically leverage talent, technology, strategy and financial planning breeds a growth platform and solution-based outcomes to clients.

Her background demonstrates success in leading complex projects for cost optimization and client growth initiatives. Also experienced in strategic relationship management, growth strategy, process improvement, a healthy team culture and P&L execution for companies both large and small.

Experienced in helping scale organizations, as well as developing and cultivating high performing teams. With a core focus on innovation to get the job done, she brings together key performance indicators to strengthen business decision-making and to maximize operational output, all while positively transforming the bottom line.

Functional Collaboration – led a $175M annual revenue stream initiative by designing and executing the company’s first Strategic Business Plan through short-term and long-term planning and positively impacting 1.5M Public Safety Personnel. In addition, sold a $10M Wellness Program to enhance the culture of America’s largest military shipbuilding company, positively effecting 85,000 covered lives in a long-term health improvement campaign.

Successful in Scalable Growth – Within the first 18 months of joining a small, private healthcare logistics company she established a 2000% growth-gain by a nation-wide expansion of services from 2 states to 8 states and growing talent from 2 full-time employees to 15 full-time employees and totaling 33 team members to execute growth strategy. Additionally, maintained 100% client and team member retention.

Building Long Lasting Internal/External and Client Relationships/Market Expansion – Earns the trust, respect, and collaboration from key customers to ensure a “client for life mentality” and to ensure growth within pre-existing relationships. Integrated critical strategic operational initiatives and a financial plan for two innovative healthcare companies, by collaborating with client-based C-Suite Executives and front-line operations.

Strategic Partner Programs – Vast experience in handling procurement, securing top talent and trusting relationships, CRM platform integration, contracting and vendor relationships.

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