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Girish Jha

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Gilbert, AZ, USA

I have been mentoring, life coaching, and promoting wellness for companies and individuals sustainable, science and eastern wisdom based solutions leading to well-being, performance, end of suffering, peace, prosperity (inner), and success in life.

Recent increased awareness of eastern wisdom (applied mindfulness and others) and science has shown that we can live and work for success without paying any stress and suffering. Eastern wisdom is that knowledge liberates one from suffering in the right knowledge. The principles and practices of eastern wisdom work the best in life for individuals and groups. The life coach, mentoring, guidance, career coach, relationship coach are all-inclusive that aim at self-discovery.

We can make a choice for well-being, prevent or manage pain (physical, mental, social challenges, etc.), and live in peace and happiness in the state of awakening to our innermost potentials. We can live and work in the highest state and help and allow others to do the same.

I studied world religions, eastern psychology, hundreds of traditional practices under the tutelage of Himalayan masters. I studied science -physics, chemistry, psychology, and physiology.

-Privileged to work with diplomats, engineers, technocrats, executives, academicians, students, kids, women, military, doctors, and people who have cancer, HIV, substance abuse, asthmatics, autism, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, and more

-Blog writing, organizing workshops, seminars, conferences, training programs

-Microsoft Office, Social media promotion, marketing

-Administration of three fed. Organizations -100 employees in India

-Motivational speaker and applied mindfulness teacher -corporate, high schools, university.

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