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Zev Halpern

🇺🇸 Brookeville, Maryland, USA

Zev Halpern M.ED , LCPC received his post-grad degree in Counseling and Human Development from the University of Maryland and is a licensed Psychotherapist and International Relationship Consultant and Mentor. He is both a Podcast and TV show host . Mr. Halpern brings a wide array of expertise and experience to the mental wellness arena. Beginning with his early work in college with institutionalized children, Mr. Halpern’s passion is apparent as he has devoted his life work to designing and implementing programs aimed at fortifying and furthering human potential at home and in the workplace. He moved from his role as a Director of Rehabilitation for a large DC Metro area 300 bed residential treatment program to founding a private Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with contracts to corporations and Labor-Management Membership Assistance programs throughout the eastern part of the US. He is credited with designing and establishing cooperative Labor-Management Membership Assistance (MAP) for a large union throughout the eastern USA. Zev in conjunction with a Government- private sector partnership also lent his workplace wellness and fitness for duty expertise to the development of training and mentoring for residents in the poorest areas of inner-city Washington D.C in preparation for jobs in the unionized and private sector. Currently, Mr. Halpern facilitates retreats, master classes and consults directly with Couples looking to rekindle and turn their relationships around. Mr. Halpern is utilizing his wide berth of knowledge to develop programs for Couples and Corporations looking to offset the challenges the Pandemic has created for relationships, families and employees returning to a changed workplace.

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