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Trevor Smith B.A, M.A. M.Ed, CLL, CLYL

🇺🇸 Springfield, Massachusetts Metropolitan Area, USA

Trevor Smith B.A. M.A. M.Ed, CLL is the Chief Happiness Officer of Blue Sky Consulting; a training and development company based in Springfield, Ma. With more than 15 years of experience as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and mental health practitioner, Trevor has designed and conducted workshops and trainings that promotes personal and professional development in a variety of occupational and community settings. As an Employee Wellness Consultant, Trevor supports organizational leaders and teams by teaching them the importance of incorporating fun and lighten up in the workplace and making it an essential component to their business and innovation strategies. Utilizing the principles of happiness and laughter, Trevor utilizes a hands on training and learning process that provides the practical and professional skills for organizations and groups to thrive in a culture of productive collaboration, respectful communication that cultivates “A positive On the Job attitude” that adds more happiness and humor in the workplace.

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