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Nageen (Nyn) Riffat

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Houston, TX USA

For the past ten years, Nageen Riffat โ€“ also known as Nyn โ€“ has dedicated herself to empowering women and guiding them to embrace their potential. As a leadership consultant, coach, author and speaker, she has helped thousands of women build a life of success, influence and positive impact, both within and outside of the USA.

Not only does she run her consultancy business, Nynโ€™s Dreams LLC, from her hometown of Houston, she has also been a volunteer for the USAโ€™s Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services, a business mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation in the UK, an advisory board member for Steering for Greater Good in Nigeria, and the founder of the #IAmYou movement, among other things. Nageen is seen as a reputed leader in the corporate sector who delivers engaging training sessions and talks on critical topics of DEI (Diversity,Equity & Inclusion), Emotional Intelligence and challenges of women leaders at the workplace.

Her book โ€œ#HerRhythm: You Are More Than Your Survival Storyโ€ has gained a lot of attention around the world. In its pages, Nageen bravely tells of how she escaped her abusive husband in Pakistan, fought for custody of her two sons, and took refuge with them in the USA. Much of the motivation for her entrepreneurial work comes from her past experiences of abuse and repression, and it is her hope that her story and work will not only captivate those who need it, but inspire them to a life of more.

Nageen weaves the importance and significance of mental health in all her speaking & coaching events because it was only because of her strong mental state that she could overcome nerve wrecking challenges and was able to restart her life only because of her healthy mind. She also talks about the stigma around mental health at many levels of society and is committed to create more awareness through her EQ based leadership programs.

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