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Justin Stinson

🇺🇸 Dubuque, Iowa USA

Justin Stinson has a background in telecommunications, business and photography and has always viewed the world from a very different perspective. From problem solving to team building his secret sauce to success has always been taking a different angle and thinking larger. Life hasn’t always been easy though, from dealing with two layoffs and many career transitions Justin has been forced to tackle difficult decisions on many occasions. In each of these situations he has learned an immense amount about himself and the world around him that has helped catapult to the next level. It has helped Justin identify what’s important in his life and what type of work makes him feel fulfilled. That realization has led Justin to the world of coaching where he started Capture Coaching and Consulting. Specializing in Leadership and Entrepreneurial Coaching, Justin has been able to inspire his clients and challenge them to see opportunities they never would have found before. Seeing that impact in helping others achieve their ultimate life and watching their eyes when they see that next level of creativity that they have never experienced before is priceless.

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