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Becky Davidson, MA

🇺🇸 Lindon, Utah, USA

Rebecca Piatt Davidson is a former tenured Assistant Professor of English, a published author, a literary researcher, and a longtime meditation practitioner. She also is the creator and founder of Lotimus, a new web app whose meditations she describes as “world-building-meets-meditation.” As the voice of the brand, Davidson feels strongly that wellness starts with re-storying the self, and the recordings she’s developed in partnership with Slowave Studios feature hero’s journey stories that cast the listener as the Journeyer-avatar. “By traveling inward to world-build,” Davidson says, “listeners become journeyers. They pursue a tantalizing objective, stage strategic workarounds for obstacles and challenges, and claim the wisdom at the journey’s end.” Convinced that mental wellness starts with mind training, Davidson believes that guiding listeners into vivid and compelling mindscapes is the first step in reframing one’s reality through a lens of play and power.

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