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Rodrigo Aliaga Sazo

๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฑ Rancagua, Chile

Entrenador de vida y negocios | Practicante de Coaching Avanzado

From an early age, Rodrigo has been a tireless seeker of the Truth of Life and how to express the fullness of his gifts to serve Humanity. Having overcome his own long valley of shadows now he obeys His Inner Call as a Spiritual Channeller and Life & Business Coach for High Impact Leaders, whom he helps with his highly intuitive approach on finding Purpose and put it in practice through their amazing causes, supporting the achievement of their epic goals, keeping committed WITHOUT EXCUSES to their mission to make a difference in the world with their work, taking risks and improving themselves FIRST in order to improve their business and value proposition. He works with EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE OR ASPIRING TO BE ONE. Rodrigo strongly believes in Growth and Contribution as the main strategy to make dreams come true, contributing others with his bold questions and experience while remaining open to learn from any person or circumstance, constantly innovating from the Self. He states that education in the spirit, healthy living and free entrepreneurship are engines for the development of the Human Family towards the Ultimate Goal: Unconditional Love. He also has a background in Computer Sciences, Marketing, NLP, Gestalt, yoga, meditation, Ericksonnian Hypnosis and more than 20 years of entrepreneurship in various industries -mainly as a trip planner specialized in adventure tourism, and he is a lover of nature, travel and discovery along with his wife (also a Life Coach), family and friends.

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