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Pablo Guillermo Heinig

🇦🇷 Argentina

Coach Ontológico formado por Rafael Echeverría – Newfield Consulting | Entrenador Corporal entrenado por el Dr. Stuart Heller | Desarrollador y responsable de Pablo Heinig & Associates

My passion is to take the development of human potential to its limits in order to achieve a full life; full of meaning and purpose in pursuit of the construction of a world and of a healthy, happy society that takes advantage of its full potential.

If I had to define my work, I would say I am an Engineer that processes the soft contents of Psychology, Philosophy, Art, Anthropology, etc. with the tough structures of engineering. I present them using my acting skills and then the engineer´s pragmatism comes in to turn knowledge into action, practical skills and consistent and sustainable changes over time. I consider this as a competitive advantage in my own development. In the union of worlds that apparently fall apart, I found a unique richness and a great potential for development. This led me to develop mobile apps for each metacompetence in such a way that participants in my programs can measure their current status, design improvement programs, and activate an alarm system that reminds them several times a day to do specific actions. If we can get the user to go through this process for a period of 30, 60 or 90 days, we guarantee the person´s real change.

The other forgotten element in traditional training is corporality. Neurobiology has shown us that body postures release substances that are capable of inducing specific emotionality’s in us and therefore, ways of thinking.

Linking this with Stuart Heller´s and David Sheepard Surrenda´s development, we worked on 16 bodily strategies to induce in us the emotionality and rationality that our actions demand. The interesting thing is that since we all have mirror neurons, if I can induce the necessary emotion in myself, I will be able to generate that emotion in others. Notice the power of this concept applied to leadership. I have worked with this disruptive approach with over 80 national and multinational companies in all Latin America, the US and Spain. I am a Guest professor at ESADE Business School since 2003, and I teach seminars as a visiting lecturer at 12 Universities in Latin America.

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