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Lourdes Uzuriaga Valverde

🇵🇪Lima, Perú

CEO & Co-founder aCredu (EdTech start-up) y ESCALA Agency (Experiencias digitales y de productos para Salud, Bienestar y Educación)

8 years of working experience in Marketing, Sales and Product Design for corporate companies in Peru and Panama, since 2015 she started different companies related to software and digital in education, real estate, health, B2B services and wellness.

Description of what you do: As a human she attends to Brahma Kumaris for meditation and personal growth, she´s also explored biodecoding, Bach Flowers and Akashic records, now she´s exploring new ways to eat, live and thrive as part of a clinic that promotes functional medicine.

Main unique points in interests and passions: jazz music, watching old classic movies, country-side of Peru, attending to live events related to music and theater.

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