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Juan Carlos Oetiker-Luchsinger De Craene

🇨🇱 Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Consultor de Seguros de Vida Individual para Metlife Chile

Once graduated as a teacher I devoted myself to teaching for almost 25 years in private schools and was part of some directive teams, designing and implementing strategies for the optimizing of learning resources in a comprehensive way.

Unexpectedly, I assumed a family business, related to the agricultural area, pistachio farming and ostriches breeding which I transformed in a rural ecotourism proposal complementing education with tourism.

Later, I worked as a consultant for schools of high vulnerability, located in different regions of our country, orienting directive committees in the development of action plans for the improvement of their learning outcomes.

Likewise, I worked for four years developing the Montessori Methodology which gave me a new perspective on Education, which later would complement with the possibility of implementing the Universal Design For Learning (UDL).

Based on the above experiences, I taught in higher education in topics such as Leadership Workshops, Undertaking, Soft Skills, Job training in different degrees. At the same time, I did Commercial Consulting and transformational processes in companies of different sectors, with a strong focus in the processes of change in people.

At present, I develop protection and savings consultancies adequate to the context and in accordance with the needs of people. This allows me to carry out an educational task, be a helping support, accompany during the different stages of life and lead them to times of reflection, giving them a purpose and the tranquillity that some parts of their concerns are solved.

My main passions are related to education, the transformation of people and giving infinitpossibilities to all those who wish to defy themselves. I am convinced that a cooperative spirit allows the development of synergies which have no boundaries. I want to be the principal actor of that process now and I want to help to lay the foundations of for the future.

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