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Isabela Almeida Ramos

🇧🇷 Brasília, Brasil

Doctor. en Educación Física

Isabela Ramos serves as an adjunct professor of Graduation in the Physical Education Department at the Catholic University of Brasilia, Brazil. She is best known for her work on how physical exercise thru play and games could improve children learning, focused in particular on executive functions, neuroelectric measures, and cognitive parameters.

She earned her graduation from Physical Education in 2010. During that time Isabela spent three years teaching at sports social programs attending to children with social vulnerabilities, giving swimming, soccer, tennis, athletics, and dance classes. As well, she worked in seventeen summer camp editions with recreational activities for nine years.

Isabela takes eight years working on research projects that have involved its focus on type, intensity, and duration of physical exercise influence on children executive functions, learning, and academic achievement, she also investigated how to play through learn could help children to learn better. During master’s and doctoral degrees, she has served as an academic editor for scientific Brazilian journals and fellow agencies, also in children population themes.

In her final years at doctor degree Isabela visited the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Illinois, where she was involved in participant testing and developed skills in cognitive and neuroelectric measurement at FITKIDS program (Fitness improves Thinking).

For seven years like an undergraduate teacher, she worked with a ground of children’s growth and development topics related to nutrition, social, emotional, and physical activity, including psychomotricity and motor learning. She was named Innovative pedagogical Educator of the Year by the students at Estácio de Sá University in 2017, place where she spent two years teaching health courses.

Her Ph.D. dissertation was excellence award-winning at the Movement conference in Harvard Medical School in 2018. The same research awarded in Brazilian Congress twice between the top 5 oral presentations. It was about three months of interdisciplinary physical education program improvements in selective attention, at social vulnerability children. After completing her Ph.D., Isabela engaged a guest speaker at seven elementary Brazilian schools and universities, to lead the “play is good for your brain” workshop.

In addition, Isabela was a semifinalist of FameLab Brazil 2018/2020, and finalist of Science Slam EURAXESS Brazil 2018, both scientific communication competitions.

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