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Heidi Krauss

🇩🇪 Constance, Baden-Württemberg, Alemania

Fundadora y directora ejecutiva de Mindfeed Institute

Heidi Krauss was educated in Linguistics, Literature and History in Germany and Spain. During her studies she already started teaching and training at different universities and organizations which she did over 20 years. She was Senator and Head of the Examination Office of the Allensbach University and Chief-Editor of the „Journal of Interdisciplinary Economic Research“ as well as Section-Editor for the Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicles published by Brill. She left the university environment for industry and worked for different companies in Switzerland. During this time she started to educate herself in depth about the Mind (Hypnosis, NLP, Modern Applied Psychology, Kundalini Activation Process, etc.). In 2020 she founded Mindfeed Institute and dedicates her time now entirely to this project.

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