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Coty Aserin

Coty Aserin

Directora Tribu en Español para la MWS​

Coty Aserin began her education in the sciences with a B.A. in Biology from the Hebrew University, and subsequently completed her M.A. in Microbiology at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. At that point, Coty realized she much preferred working and interacting with people rather than tissue culture. Ms. Aserin has dedicated her life to helping others understand their brain is the most powerful “machine” ever created. With this awareness, anyone can turn their dreams and life goals into reality.

Coty has spent many years studying and acquiring expertise in a variety of applications including: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Holistic Medicine, Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Transformational Therapy. She has been a sought-after Speaker for more than 30 years while directing Personal Growth courses. For over 13 years Ms. Aserin is hosting a television show every Sunday morning on the Spanish TV “Shalom”.

Teaching her clients how to overcome their problems and obstacles and achieve personal success through the knowledge of their past, accepting their present, and helping them to become the creators of their own future, is Ms. Aserin’s own life mission.

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