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Cinthya Virginia Soto Hidalgo

🇵🇪 Perú

Director General en Haciendo Ideas | Entrenador transformacional | Profesor e Investigador | Ponente internacional

Cinthya has 9-year experience as an entrepreneur and director of Making Ideas, a Peruvian company, dedicated to the design and implementation of training and continuous improvement projects for companies and the general public. She has a degree in Communication Sciences, with a Master of Business Administration (MBA). She currently works as a teacher and Transformational Coach at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. She is a member of the Latin American Studies Network (REDESLAC). She has published and conducted research on topics related to entrepreneurship and pedagogy, oriented towards digital transformation. She has extensive experience as a volunteer in different social projects, in international organizations such as: Amnesty International (AI), Junior Chamber International (JCI), Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales (AIESEC), Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation (FES) and Special Olympics, among others.

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