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Annunziata Di Lecce

馃嚠馃嚬 Italia, Roma

Psic贸loga | Capacitador en Comunicaci贸n de Liderazgo | Profesora de Mindfulness IMTA | Entrenador | Pensador de dise帽o

Psychologist since 1997, in all these years he has perfected her skills and practices as a Counselor, Leadership Communication Trainer, Human Resource Manager, Certified Mindfulness Teacher IMTA, Coach, Design Thinker.

She use a holistic, science-based approach combining training, consulting, coaching, and diagnostics to help clients get the results you want.

Her work consists in the design and conduct of coaching and personal development, management and organization paths, based on the assumptions of Neuroscience, Psychophysiology, Psychosociology, the Psychology of Emotions, Design Thinking, and the ancient and wise practice of Meditation known as Mindfulness.

She supports leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations to improve Career Path Plan, Communications skills, to develop Personal brand, to implement a Change Management Plan, to mentor a start up enterpreneur projects.

The red thread that runs through her experiences originates in the intimate search to combine the skills of conscience, emotional, psycho-physiological, the distinctive ones in social relationships and in the experience of well-being and happiness, with the more technical skills of managerial management, Human Resources, Projects Management.

In 2021 she founds Mindful Feeling Academy Firm, based in Rome, that offers its services globally to bridge the gap between Awareness, Wellness of Person and Organizational Change whose needs the companies, for dealing with complex Problem Solving and phases Transition to deliver to individual as well as to companies.

Her motto is “The Integrated Being: body, mind, spirit, capable of remaining in reality, of being and of making community, sees reciprocity and cooperation as a resource for development.”

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