Bringing Positive Personal Effectiveness into the Classroom

Here’s the replay of our last LinkedIn live as we talk about Bringing Positive Personal Effectiveness into the Classroom. With our special guest, Rinda Montgomery. She’s the Co-Founder and Chief Academic Officer of Change Management of Paradigm Learning Systems and an award-winning education administrator.

Here are the timestamps of the live sessions:

00:00 Introduction to the program and the Mental Wellness Society and its subgroups.
03:02 About Rinda Montgomery.
08:30 The Mind Evoke Cards for children.
13:55 The development of BTC (Breath, Think, Choose)
15:56 What has happened to our children in the last two years with their social and emotional development?
17:50 MindFulChoice Approach for students, resilience for personal effectiveness.
20:46 Rinda’s latest project.
22:50 MindfulChoice tools for teacher preparedness
28:10 Important skills that children must learn in this modern environment.
32:16 MindfulChoice is a life-changing process for positive personal effectiveness.
33:02 MindfulChoice 4-step process
45:22 Closing Remarks from Rinda


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