Peak Performance for Agent of Change to Advance Mental Wellness

In this live, we talked about “Peak Performance for Agent of Change to Advance Mental Wellness to Fully Enjoy Living” Joining this discussion are our Mental Wellness Society co-chairs for Agent of Change, Isaac Garcia and Diana Petzold.

Here are the timestamps of the live sessions:

00:00 Opening of the program
00:08 Intro to the program and the Mental Wellness Society Agent of Change Group
02:55 Intro of co-chairs for MWS Agent of Change Diana Petzold as she talks about herself, and her involvement with MWS
08:30 Intro of co-chairs for MWS Agent of Change: Isaac Garcia as he talks about himself, and her involvement with MWS
12:00 Dr. Meyer talks about Agile and will it work on the individual part of a person and the intrapersonal part of the person?
15:15 Open discussion, how can we instill MindFulChoice and develop resilience for life by Choice and not by accident?
19:10 Isaac talks about how he uses MFC ideas in his personal life and in his coaching process.
23:05 The binary system looks for two possibilities when making a decision.
25:08 Diana discusses finding possibilities and opportunities.
27:32 If I can change the way I think, it will change the way I feel and the way I act.
27:45 Difference between Emotion and Feeling
30:04 MindfulChoice 4-Step process – a life-changing process for positive personal effectiveness.
38:40 What does Isaac thinks about the Mental Wellness Society Community
41:05 What we can sum up are the element which is deterrent to success.
43:40 AGM Speaks about MWS Help Ukraine Task Force
44:20 AGM Speaks about MindfulChoice Academy
46:30 Closing remarks from Diana, you are your own CEO of your life. 47:20 Closing remarks from Isaac, your peak performance matters not to make a lot of money or big name for yourself but how you show up everyday matters to your family and people that you’re serving.
49:19 Our next guest, Neville Graham Gaunt.


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