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MindFulChoice™: A Life-Changing Process for Positive Personal Effectiveness

Personal effectiveness is a branch of the Personal Development movement that deals with success, goals, and Peak Performance for Body & Mind. It draws inspiration from Positive Psychology. Advocates for individual effectiveness consider several factors besides simple positive thinking. Some take an approach with similarities to business process management techniques. Others may take a holistic spiritual and physical wellness approach.

Many personal effectiveness movement ideas are derived chiefly from businesses and management. Thinkers in this field revolutionized business and industry in the mid-20th century by focusing on such concepts as quality, efficiency, optimization, and human factors. They emphasized the importance of clarity of roles, responsibilities, and expectations. These ideas filtered down into the domain of personal life enhancement.

Early books on personal effectiveness, such as Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, tended to have a specific focus on success in one particular goal. Although this approach has continued with common specializations in weight loss, health, or spirituality, advancements have become more interdisciplinary in their scope, and a more comprehensive approach to personal effectiveness has emerged. The broader areas of life experience that have been the focal point for enhancement include:

  • Health, wellness, energy,
  • Overcoming fear and self-doubt,
  • Improving relationships,
  • Enhancing personal strengths,
  • Purpose and self-determination,
  • Positive thinking.

Now, MindFulChoice™ has taken the personal effectiveness idea to a whole other level.

MindFulChoice™ is a 21st-century life-changing process of positive personal effectiveness drawn from over 20 years of clinical and human factors research that transforms how we think, feel, and act. MindFulChoice™ is a uniquely systematic and sequential process that operationalizes the concepts of Positive Psychology, Choice Theory, and Parallel Thinking and integrates them with other disciplines to create an entirely new and better way for living fully.

MindFulChoice™ provides users the ability to live by design and not happenstance—defining their Destination, becoming fully aware of their possibilities, and making the best choices for success and life satisfaction. The MFC process generates clarity, focus, energy, and wellbeing. Clients who have learned and practiced the MFC process report transformative changes and feelings of wellbeing they had never felt before.

MFC is now globally deployed into Psychology and Life Coaching, Industrial Psychology and Organizational Behavior, Education and Parenting, Health and Wellness.



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