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Physical Health on Mental Health

Why is exercise more important now than ever? Together with 2 of our Mental Wellness Facilitators, Lisa Goldenthal and Kate Nitschke, we discuss the following:

  • Exercise is essential nourishment for the mind, and body, and centering clarity and focus. (Physiological Overview)
  • Stress Reduction / Anxiety Reduction / Depression Reduction (Exercise is Medicine)
  • Feel-good hormone (endorphins) to increase self-esteem, awareness, and motivation.

Here are the timestamps of the live sessions:

00:00 Opening of the program
00:10 Welcoming the audience
02:38 Introduction to Kate Nitschke
05:38 Introduction to Lisa Goldenthal
07:23 what is the mental wellness society model and how it is connected to physical health (mind and body connection)
09:26 Positive attitude and good attitude.
09:53 Lisa’s help with one of our MWS members in 3 weeks.
11:51 How we can introduce the MindFulChoice method to health and wellness for life by choice and not by accident.
12:53 Lisa’s take on the MindFulChoice method to health and wellness. “Self-leadership first and small changes.”
16:31 Kate’s take on the MindFulChoice method to health and wellness. Increasing clarity and focus. “Some are good and more is better and consistency is the best”.
21:00 Now is always a good moment to start.
24:26 A stupid idea of having a health and wellness center in the middle of the living laboratory
27:20 Taking care of your health and wellness now for aging gracefully
27:46 Kate: Integration of mind and body. Taking of one’s self is necessary and our responsibility.
30:37 “If I change the way I think, I will change the way I feel and I will behave.”
31:51 When something is not working, stop.
32:33 Attitude-based solution and not on the problem. Attitude based on your destination.
33:17 Lisa: Keep it simple and actionable steps to sticking to your commitment to a healthier you.
35:17 Setting an example to your children when it comes to taking care of your health.
37:00 Start with a coach or a buddy to support your health goals. 37:39 About MindFulChoice Academy
39:44 About Mind Movement Mood Wellness Center
42:48 About Mental Wellness Society
44:13 Next week live.



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There is no health without wellness.

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