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Enhancing Mental Wellness to Advance Education and Parenting

Here’s the replay of our last LinkedIn Live with Robert Lebovits and Sherry Kelly

Here are the timestamps of what we discussed about:

00:42 – Opening the live event and introduction to the guest, Dr. Kelly and Dr. Lebovits
02:48 – About to Dr. Sherry Kelly
09:55 – About Dr. Robert Lebovits and what MFC Academy and MWS is all about
13:00 – Improving the society’s mental wellness
14:48 – Empowering children during covid times
15:16 – MindFulChoice and what makes Mental Wellness Society different by Dr. Meyer
17:44 – How we can instill the MindFulChoice into education and parenting (life by choice and NOT by accident)
18:02 – Dr. Kelly’s idea about social & emotional learning thru educators using MFC method
22:44 – MFC Method of parenting by Dr. Lebovits
25:18 – Changing the way you think through MFC method 29:16 – Attitude is everything
30:25 – Dr. Sherry about the Positive Psychology for young ones
32:00 – What not VS Why not
33:41 – MFC for managing emotions for kids
35:26 – Advice for teachers and parents: watch your reactions in front of your children and students.
36:45 – What VS Why
37:45 – Emotion VS Reasons
38:02 – MindFulChoice Tools Products
40:53 – How MFC helps in education from Rinda Montgomery, Award-winning Education Administrator and Author
45:50 – Closing remarks



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There is no health without wellness.

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