What Does Mind-Body Ergonomics Entail?

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Author: Sree Kumar Palakkal, Founder The Critical Dialogue
Audio/Video and Yoga expert: Shikha Sundriyal, Founder, Sthir Wellness

On our last article we introduced the idea mind-body ergonomics for taking care of our mental wellness while working at home.

Mind-body ergonomics is a scientific discipline which studies and evaluates the load which is placed on you when you undertake a task or interact with your environment.

We could divide them into three parts, namely physical, cognitive and environmental, with each contributing significantly towards overall wellness of an individual.

Let’s look at what each one means?

Physical Ergonomics – the impact or load placed on your body while doing any task and the potential effects that may have on your physical health.

Cognitive Ergonomics – the stress or load on your cognitive faculties including decision making, judgments or perceptions, reasoning, thinking, reasoning and problem solving.

Environmental Ergonomics – your response to the environment in which you are working and its effect on your mind and body. For example, exposure to light, temperature, noise etc., while completing a task.

Physical Ergonomics

Two challenges that you could immediately start focusing on and that which could show significant improvement in our physical and mental wellness are the one’s which are an outcome of physical ergonomics and environmental ergonomics. They are your Posture and your Sleep.

Yoga – the least or zero-cost approach!

With very less demands on space and money, Yoga has been found to be very effective in reducing the negative impact of work from home on your mind and body.

In Yoga, body and mind are not two separate aspects but a single unit, like a circle – and they both influence each other, every single second. By controlling our body movements, postures and breath we can control the very way we think, feel, behave and experience our life.”

Shikha Sundriyal – Founder of Sthir Wellness®

PostureLearning about and maintaining correct posture can keep you away from Musculo-skeletal problems arising out of compression and contact stress.

Yoga Nidra– Poor sleep can lead to irritability, poor focus, poor digestion, weaker immunity, low confidence, anger, weakness, lethargy, poor productivity and even depression. 

Improving sleep health will have a domino effect and mere 15 – 20 minutes of relaxation using the Yoga Nidra guided meditation can relieve you from the stress and anxiety which is potentially an outcome of your poor environment ergonomic practices.


About the Author

Sree Kumar

Sree Kumar

Sree Kumar is a Peak Performance Coach and HR Strategist, who helps organizations optimize their human resources by engaging them with end-to-end human transformational solutions. From hiring, retention, engagement to employee transformation he partners his client’s performance development initiatives that guarantee results. As a co-founder and Partner at Equinox Consultants, Sree has co-created a Human Resource Optimization model the S.T.A.R™, Prathibimb™ Big Five, and Prathibimb-360™, which helps transform human potential into reality. In the last 30 years, these tools have positively impacted over 450,000 people from over 60 global and Indian organizations.

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