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Team Building

Team Building

The workplace is a mix of individuals with different personalities, beliefs, and backgrounds. Sometimes our differences divide us and it can be difficult to assemble a team with everyone on the same page.

Even a small company with only a dozen employees can have difficulty creating a coherent team In larger companies you can even see “tribes” -groups of people who hang out together, have little chats, and seem to cluster away from others.

In a virtual working setup, online meetings between members of different “tribes” can become an awkward affair of extended silences, disagreements, or even unhealthy competition.

That’s why it is important to build a “Mindful” team.

When team members are mindful, interpersonal conflicts can be cut off before they do any damage to the collegial relationships. 

Mindful coaching fosters a culture where team members feel comfort and support their teammates with positive comments for the advancement of everyone.

When the stress of personnel conflict is removed, a team can better focus on its goals.

As with any company process, this must start from the top. When the leaders show they are mindful and truly care about the team, the rest of the organization will follow.

Do you think the corporate world should take heed?

This topic is discussed in detail at the Mental Wellness Society. If you want to be part of the discussion, join here.



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