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Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

When running on a treadmill, have you ever noticed: You’re doing perfectly well and then you look up and see that you’ve past your previous personal best. Suddenly you get tired, your muscles begin to ache and you slow down. 

What just happened? You hit “The Wall” – a self-imposed limitation that comes from a cognitive bias telling you, this far and no more.

Some cognitive biases stop us from achieving our peak performance.

These biases are the thoughts your mindset activates to overrule your physical potential.

To achieve your peak performance and not be impeded by psychological obstacles you need be in a wellness mode, both mentally and physically.

Overcoming mental hurdles will not only help you excel in physical sports or activities. You will also realize your potential in other areas of living.

 As you experience success going beyond what you thought you could do, self-confidence and self-direction grow.  

So, you’ll stop looking around the gym to see who’s lifting more.

You’ll stop checking your officemate’s appraisals.

And you’ll stop blaming traffic lights for being late.

Wellness coaching can help you to become your own champion, to “put everything together” and achieve success in life.

Pls, join us at the Mental Wellness Society where experts, practitioners, and ordinary everyday people converge to chat about Mental Wellness.



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There is no health without wellness.

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