Invitation to the Mental Wellness Society

The past months have been challenging.

The current pandemic, political climate, civic unrest – negative thoughts can creep in

And cause disruption.

Zendaya, known for being Mary Jane in Spiderman, recently opened up about her bouts with anxiety.

But why do people need โ€œto open upโ€ to address their mental wellness?

Because for most, it is still a taboo subject.

That is why we created the Mental Wellness Society. A global and open collaborative online platform maintained by a community of leading Mental Wellness Professionals.

We are the first and only society that is grounded in cutting-edge science, technology, and theory.

Our programs and practices, such as the MindfulChoice Method and Tools, are used by our students (and members) to optimize their way of living.

Senior members of the Society have supported doctoral students in their research projects and proposals on topics aligned with Mental and Social Wellness.

This is just a peek into what Society does.

If you are interested in learning about Mental Wellness or if you are a Mental Health practitioner who would like to meet other professionals, we invite you to join the Society.


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